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We say that something happened only "once," that there are "two" sides to every story, that "three timed" offenders should be put away, that "dozens" came for an event, etc. Therefore, if there are "ten" emanations or Ten Sefirot, there must be a representation behind that number.The number ten is significant because it is the arithmetic base.-Mirrors in the temple face each other, and make it seem like the image goes on repeating forever; they symbolize the eternal welding link of ourselves to our posterity. -Christ said he is one in the Father, and the Father is one in him. Baptism for each other is possible because of that! -In the center of the endowment room in the temple there is an alter. -Moses 1, would be the first chapter of the bible were it not lost until Joseph Smith restored it in the volume of scripture called “The Pearl of Great Price”.Refer to the temple mirrors, when you look forward, you see yourself repeated infinite times. On it there are scriptures, and those scriptures are held up into the air at times. -Ezekiel in the bible teaches of a temple with a river flowing out from underneath it which heals the dead sea, making it inhabitable by fishes once again. The water from under the temple keeps rising, as Ezekiel says, until it’s so deep that we can’t even walk in it. Water of the temples will bath and heal all the globe. thine assemblies (every stake and it’s wards); 3 thy tabernacles (temple). This chapter is to show people the truth so they will be able to recognize that falsehood is such when they see it, having the truth aka the light to compare the darkness to.

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This is a world with many component elements but no visible unifying underpinning.-Jesus Christ gave 5 loaves to 5 thousand people, all ate until filled. -A Seventy of the Church (a leader) said in his visit to many people with many questions, “Brethren, brethren. The Spirit will train you.” -When tempted to think less of others, look into their eyes and you’ll see the stamp of divinity, spark of divine sonship/daughtership.12 baskets full of extra bread returned; this is pointing us to the TEMPLE; when you go to the temple you get all you want and always there is more. “I can see your father is God” you might say, or at least think.Thus, it may be compared to a person that does a lot of analytical investing but on an ad hoc basis; whenever opportunity presents itself he invests.We may understand particular moves of his but there is no overall picture to perceive.

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