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Bending the recipient over is generally considered the best position, as the buttocks are relaxed and it exposes the recipient for further sexual stimulation during and after the event. Unless the recipient is a full-blown masochist, spanking is likely to be only a punctuation in lovemaking.

Generally speaking, it should not last for too long, nor should it be continuous.

Another decision to make with spanking is whether to do it dressed or undressed, or even both.

A brief of look on the internet under titles such as “how to deal with a fading sexual relationship” will elicit a whole host of advice columns dedicated to spicing up your sex life, and one thing that will often crop up is the pursuit of BDSM – Bondage, Domination, Sadism, and Masochism.

However, although it’s good that such things suffer far less stigma than they once did, the thought of trusses, clamps, electrodes, gimp masks, and cages is probably a little too much for most of us to stomach.

Not everyone is the same, however, and getting it right, whether a delicate cuff or a full-frontal slapping, is something that you need to communicate to each other. Hands aren’t the only options when it comes to spanking, and there are a whole range of spanking paddles out there that you can use to enhance your activities.

The same warning applies as in tip number six, though, and you do need to ensure that both parties are completely signed up to what might prove to be a rather more intense experience than first realized.

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