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Perhaps you have read such articles and wondered whether you can believe the Bible.After almost 200 years of archaeological research in Egypt and Israel, why do so many challenge the Exodus account?It is characterised by 30 circular or elliptical structures, of various sizes, grouped together and located near the edge of the terrace, commanding the Bir El-Obeiyid playa below.Radiocarbon dating of charcoal recovered from the structures indicates that the village was used between 7930 ± 1 ± 144 cal.

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Many critics who doubt the historicity of the Exodus share a problem: over-reliance on what archaeology can prove.

We find that Jesus Christ affirmed the Biblical account of the Exodus as true, and He based some of His teachings on it.

Reminding His countrymen that God had miraculously provided food for them during 40 years in the wilderness, He said: Your forefathers ate the manna in the desert, yet they died.

Therefore it is essential that our evaluation of the evidence be accurate and fair.

First, let’s make sure we have a clear picture of the Biblical perspective.

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