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Before the advent of the touchpad, small trackballs were common on portable computers, where there may be no desk space on which to run a mouse.

Some small "thumbballs" are designed to clip onto the side of the keyboard and have integral buttons with the same function as mouse buttons.

Modern installations of such equipment may use mice instead, since most people now already know how to use one.

However, military mobile anti-aircraft radars, commercial airliners (such as Airbus A380) and submarine sonars tend to continue using trackballs, since they can be made more durable and more fit for fast emergency use.

DATAR's trackball used four disks to pick up motion, two each for the X and Y directions. When the ball was rolled, the pickup discs spun and contacts on their outer rim made periodic contact with wires, producing pulses of output with each movement of the ball.

By counting the pulses, the physical movement of the ball could be determined.

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The CDS system had also been viewed by a number of engineers from Ferranti Canada, who returned to Canada and began development of the Royal Canadian Navy's DATAR system in 1952.The beautifully thin design makes this tablet easy to hold yet it still holds plenty of power with the A5 chip, i OS 6, and the HD display.It carries all your favorite i Pad features, just in a slightly smaller frame.Large and well made ones allow easier high precision work, for which reason they may still be used in these applications (where they are often called "tracker balls") and in computer-aided design.Trackballs have appeared in computer and video games, particularly early arcade games (see a List of trackball arcade games) notably Atari's Centipede and Missile Command – though Atari spelled it "trak-ball".

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