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We the students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as the Cornhusker community, are true to the values we uphold.

Really like decorating and making things look good and cosy.

Settle for Love is a website made for people who are willing to "embrace imperfection" and just settle down already.

The site promotes honesty and encourages singles to expose their flaws, positioning itself as a dating service where people can let loose and stop being afraid of being judged so harshly from their profiles.

Surrounded on three sides by the White Mountain National Forest, it has that bracing independent, self-reliant air of towns not overshadowed by bigger cities (Berlin, pop.

If you find yourself passing through, stop for a look around, a meal and a bed: One of the best fine restaurants in the White Mountains, set up in a recycled bank building at 111 Main Street (tel 603-466-5330).

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