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There area few good restaurants that still serve quality food, but they struggle because the residents here grew up on that processed garbage and turn their nose at good new york style or good chicago style pizza.Half the places are dirty or have rude workers, deliver late food, etc. The streets are in horrible condition, avoiding potholes is almost impossible.Buffalo is always 12th to 15th place on lists of Most Violent Cities in America.Violent crime is higher here than the state average, higher than the national average and even higher than in the city of Los Angeles (AKA the Gang Capital of America with an estimated 120,000 gang members as of 2007.) Proximity to Lake Erie makes Buffalo's micro climate a major pain in the arse with very unpredictable weather that at times can be disruptive with very sudden "lake effect" snow storms in the winter than can literally paralyze all forms of traffic.Life in the suburbs is far, far, far safer, quieter, friendlier, convenient, and yes, also a little more boring. I relocated back to Buffalo to be closer to my parents. But the workplaces here were political to the point you have a hard time working through it.Amherst for example has been named the safest city in the country for many years. Generally speaking, when residents of the city get a little older and have kids, they move to the suburbs. I took a job at a locally based company full of buffalonians who never left. I had never professionally worked in Buffalo and I thought it would be the same as anywhere else. As I was working people began to assume that I was arrogant and uppity because I had ideas and thoughts brought from major companies. When I started making suggestions I was told we don't do that or you can't change anything. This place is so lame and ridiculous that it doesn't even deserve to be rated.Winters are nowhere near as bad as the idiots on late night TV have made out, thanks to climate change, but people and businesses tend to not shovel their sidewalks in the city, so getting around on foot during the winter can be an unwelcome adventure.Other issues: Traffic lights are not synchronized (one, possibly two streets are synched, but that's it.) They say it takes 20 minutes to get to anywhere in Buffalo and that's not inaccurate, but you'll still go through a lot of brake pads and gas doing it because traffic is stop-and-go everywhere and people drive like retards here (e.g., after installing a handful of traffic circles, they eventually had to add stop signs because people kept crashing into one another.) Jobs are mostly corporate cubicle positions, retail, and manual labor.

You know, that 1950s era Hate Your Neighbor But Smile Anyway mentality.Buffalo was also voted "The Rudest City In America." Google this and read the survey.I agree, and for that reason have given up on this place totally.The really bad news about Buffalo especially, is that the people here are very resistant to change because "it's been done this (wrong) way for generations" and there is zero accountability for mistakes, so the same people keep making the same mistakes and don't even realize that they are doing so many things wrong.A shame because there is such potential here but it has to start all over again with the right people (outsiders) in place, and ensure that it is done their way only.

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