How much do zoologists make every year

Zoologist salary

Your starting salary as a zoologist depends primarily on where you start. Many public authorities and institutions as well as many research institutes, for example museums, zoological gardens or universities, offer or at least orientate themselves towards collective agreements of the states of the public service (TV-L). With your completed master’s degree, you will be paid according to the corresponding values ​​from the salary groups E13 to E15, which means between 3000 and 4000 euros gross per month for you.

However, the size and location of your employer also have an impact on what you earn as a zoologist. In companies with more than a hundred employees, your wages are usually higher than in small companies, and higher salaries are still paid in western Germany than in the new federal states.

In the private sector, the salary as a zoologist is often even higher than at public institutes and research facilities, a zoologist starting salary of 4000 euros is the rule here. Such vacancies are less common and therefore highly competitive.

With some private employers, however, it is also possible that you earn less than what is stated in the collective agreement. Nevertheless: You shouldn't get less than 2500 euros as a starting salary as a zoologist anywhere. You shouldn't start with a doctorate for less than 3000 euros.

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