How do I stop being so materialistic

13 tips on how to be a less materialistic person

Living the high life may be great, but taking the time to appreciate the things money cannot buy is important.

The world is full of evil politicians, corrupt business people and greedy mega-corporations. The last thing we need is another crappy person taking up space on this planet. The earth is ready to implode just to get rid of all the ugliness that is so prevalent in society. As clichéd as it sounds, it's not difficult to change the way you live and become a person this earth can proudly call its citizen.

I admit that I lived a very materialistic life. I loved nice clothes, expensive makeup, five-star hotel stays, comfortable cars, and good food. My fiancé's expat status, as well as my earnings, ensured that we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy, eat and taste the high life.

One day he stopped and turned to me and asked, "Why are we even doing this?" As hard as it was to admit, it really got me thinking. Having the luxury of spending power, no matter how tiny, tends to take the focus away from the things that should play a role in life. What's the point where you feel stressed and angry at work day in and day out, to be rewarded with numbers that only distract you from the things that really matter?

It may be a long and winding road before the world is cured of the many diseases caused by greed and materialism, but if you take the necessary steps now, that is all we need, and that is exactly what we have done. We began to live a simpler life with our means. We have learned to respect the people around us and are no longer entitled to things that we do not deserve.

Trust me when I say that others will follow suit, starting with those whose lives you touch and influence. It won't be easy because at the end of the day you will overtake your entire lifestyle and priorities, but you can certainly do it if you try hard enough.

How to be less materialistic in life

Although material possessions still matter, it is important that the things you own no longer take possession of you. Here's how you can do it:

# 1 more volunteer. Who cares what your nails will look like after working the local soup kitchen all day? Why does it matter what people think when you turn down all social events every weekend for spending time in your animal shelter or orphanage? Volunteering will not only change your life, it will nourish your soul in ways that never will.

You can do something to make a difference even if you don't have time to be there physically. If you are a social butterfly, you can use your skills to organize fundraisers and raise awareness of the multitude of NGOs who urgently need your help.

Are you writing your living? Pen press releases and grants for these organizations. In the financial sector? Use your skills to organize and advise NGOs on how to better manage their finances and stretch every dollar. There's no excuse for not volunteering and brushing materialism aside for more substance.

# 2 Curb your shopping. Contrary to what Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton preach, shopping is not a pastime. You sound ridiculously shallow and downright stupid when you tell people that. There are tons of other ways to pass the time instead of spending it in a mall.

Stop wasting your time and money on makeup, clothes, and useless things that you really don't need. All it does is feed your hoaring tendencies because at the end of the day, do you really need another black dress or that particular shade of eyeshadow or that new watch or that new pair of shades?

# 3 Buy popular items. If you have to go shopping, go to flea markets. Even people who are in the money adore flea markets. Celebrities like Lily Collins, Megan Fox and Julianne Moore have all been very loud about their love of flea markets and bargain hunting.

You will be surprised how many fabulous deals you can get at a traditional retail store for a fraction of what it would normally cost you. From popular antiques to handmade plates, anything can be purchased from flea markets. Not only are these items unique, they also have character and soul, two things that shopping at a mall won't be able to do for you.

# 4 Be an eco warrior. Another way of being a less materialistic person is to really do something about the environment. In addition to recycling and buying sustainable and organic products, you should also explore the environment by bike or public transport. You can also be very European and chic by investing in a Vespa or scooter instead of hopping in taxis or driving the gas eater parked in front of the door.

There are plenty of celebs doing wonderful things for the environment.This extensive list includes Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt. If you're doing it for no reason other than being as hip as her, we'll take it. It sure doesn't make you do anything else.

# 5 Rinse, clean, clean up. The point of flushing is to get rid of things that are pointlessly messing up your life. Start with your closet and work your way outside. Free the clothes you're holding onto in the hopes that one day you will fit back into them.

Go on to the rest of your house and get rid of trash like old magazines, excess dishes, food and all those things that you have categorized as "replacements" ?? or "only-in-case" ?? Items. If you don't use them now, you probably never will, so donate them to people who value these things.

The next and most difficult step is to shed your friends. Start with a massive Facebook purge. Get rid of all of the people you wouldn't even stop greeting with on the street or who you don't remember. Then start weeding out toxic friends in real life.

Toxic friends are the whiners, the winsher, who belittle you and who exude a very negative aura and mentality. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people who really want you to be successful.

# 6 Don't be quick enough to replace things. Another way to tone down materialism is to fix things or use them instead of throwing them away. A good example is your cell phone. People today tend to upgrade their cell phones as often as they change their underwear. Why upgrade to the latest iPhone 6 if your iPhone 4S is working just fine? Most people don't even know how to use all of the features and just want the new phone as a hot accessory. Stupid isn't it?

You should also breathe new life into things that you normally throw away. You will be amazed at how far a little tinkering and painting can go with everyday objects.

# 7 Evaluate yourself more. Put less emphasis on objects and shift the focus to yourself. Although many people value success by measuring dollars, success is subjective. Always remember that a valuable life doesn't depend on what you own, what labels you buy, how you look and what other people think of you. It all has to do with how much you value yourself and whether your conscience is proud of the things you did to get where you are.

# 8 Treat others with respect. Although you are comparing yourself to others, maybe this is the wrong way to approach this one, it is the easiest way to measure how much you already have. Be grateful for everything that surrounds you and do not despise anyone who has less than you. Always remember that your worth is not measured by how you treat your equals, but by how you treat those you consider to be understatement hold. Even then, who are you to say there's anyone below you? You don't know all the stories so don't pretend like you do.

# 9 Choose experiences over objects. When given a choice, always choose experiences over objects. Instead of stepping on those leather shoes, go on a trip instead. Instead of paying too much for that fancy bottle of wine, use that money to visit Cambodia for a week. Always choose experiences about objects as the former will pay you back in ways that you never imagined.

# 10 Backpack and travel cheaply. I will admit that staying in beautiful hotels is a real pleasure. You can't beat the five star treatment, lovely food, soft sheets, pillow menu and all the intricate details that make your stay so good. However, if you want to be a less materialistic person, you need to decrease the time you spend in the lap of luxury and see what it is like to live grossly.

Do us all a favor and travel cheaply for once. Backpack in Southeast Asia and meet a whole new world of people. Hear their stories, draw from their experiences and learn from their examples. You will be surprised how many of these backpackers and worldly travelers come from amazing backgrounds like yours. The only difference is that they realized that life is not worth living if you are not able to feel all of its weaknesses and see it for what it really is.

# 11 Live by your means. if you can, underneath. Never be a breadwinner who spends two kinds of people because that gets you nowhere, it gets you down. That doesn't mean you have to live frugally and act like a poor man. On the contrary, spend only on necessities, avoiding cash shopping for clothes, unnecessary grocery shopping, and so on. Set yourself a daily budget and remember that wasting money is the first sign of materialism.

# 12 Invest in people, not things. A ridiculous Maserati dealership opened a few blocks away just for shits and giggles, my fiancé and I decided to walk over. We were blown away by how much people are willing to pay for a car. Right there and then we made a mental list of how many other things can be done with that money.

As the dramatic hipsters that we are, we called things like starting a charity and sending a kid to school, building a school in Thailand, feeding the local orphanage for a full year, and so on. Sure, we know that not everyone has that kind of money, but if you change your mindset and say to yourself, "Well, instead of buying this, I can do this instead" ?? The world is getting more beautiful.

Whether you're donating the money to charity or putting it in your little sister's savings account, it's always better to do something that helps others rather than buy another piece of junk you don't really need.

# 13 Imagine the story you would tell the world if you lived another day. One final tip on how to be less materialistic is the story you'd tell the world if you had a day left. Would you tell everyone how many pairs of Jimmy Choos you own or how long you waited for this Birkin bag? Would you be proud to share how much you've spent on luxury cars and hotel stays with the world? Will the world like the fact that you spent more on good wine than on educating an entire Burmese village?

Think long and hard about the legacy you want to leave behind. Sure, people say life is too short to oversleep, but then again, life is too short to be a materialistic, reckless asshole.

Always remember that at the end of your life's journey your indelible mark will be on this world.A person is not judged by how many things you own or how much money you have made. Rather, it is judged by how much you have made a positive impact on the people in your life.

Being materialistic and owning a cool phone, driving an expensive car and flying first class doesn't mean anything by and large. How you change and shape people's lives is the most important thing. Strive to be an inspiration to the world because in the end everything will be remembered by you.