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KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V.

What began with ZDF employee Jürgen Schneidt's visit to his godchild in the Philippines turned into a successful relief mission. In 1985 he founded the "KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V." after he discovered that his donations through another children's aid organization had not reached his sponsored child, or only to a limited extent. He decided to look for more effective ways to help.

The Children's Village Padre Burgos is the most comprehensive project of the "KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V." The municipality of Padre Burgos with about 7000 inhabitants is located on the island of Leyte, about 1100 kilometers southeast of the capital Manila. In 1986 the founder of "KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V." Jürgen Schneidt describes the development of the children's village here.

KinderHilfe Philippinen now guarantees 100 children - including orphans, disabled, abused, abused and needy children - a safe environment. In the Children's Village Padre Burgos, the children are given daily meals, basic medical care, care and school visits, among other things. But the children's environment is also promoted: the expansion of the infrastructure by local workers offers help for self-help. Not only the children, but also the people in the immediate region participate in the work that has been created.

The first children's houses were made of wood and bamboo, the roofs were made of Cogon grass. They were getting on in years, extreme weather conditions and severe termite infestation made renovation necessary. Now all houses for the approx. 80 residents of the children's village are made of massive building materials and are therefore much safer in the event of a typhoon or earthquake.

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    Advisory board: Karin Thüül, Werner Koldehoff, Sandra Schuler, Volker Schaubruch

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  • Leonie Thüül visited the children's village in March 2020. You can read your travel report here (PDF).

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At the end of 2010, the previously leased land could be purchased. Arnil, a boy who grew up in the children's village and trained as an architect here, worked on the plans for the new houses as a volunteer. In these plans, communal coexistence and playful activities were in the foreground and the children's village was also supplemented by a children's playground with swings and slides.

KinderHilfe also organizes medical treatment for children in need who do not live in the children's village and whose parents are destitute. The help ranges from organizing treatment appointments to making difficult operations possible. The patients usually come from far away, stand in the children's village without prior notice and ask for help. KinderHilfe checks the need for each individual case. Once this check has been carried out, it finances the necessary medical treatment in hospitals in Maasin, Tacloban or Cebu, including transport, accommodation, food and medication, as well as medical fees. Among other things, Kinderhilfe initiated over 200 harelip operations.

In addition, the needy population outside the hospital is regularly supplied with the necessary medication by the rural health center, most of which is financed by KinderHilfe. Recovery means for the sick, such as walking aids and wheelchairs are also provided.