How do you keep up your creativity

Fabienne Hostettler, the country girl from the Scharnachtal, reports for the first time with a vernacular song for this newspaper via the living room concert. Photo: Pascal Müller
How do you keep your creativity going in lockdown?

Fabienne Hostettler I finally have enough time to concentrate fully on the music. Almost every day I sit in my band room, which I set up in my old cellar at home. There I just start playing, taking notes, trying to record covers or my own songs. I think the lockdown helps my creativity a lot right now and it makes us all inventive.

Why did you just record these songs for the living room concert?

The first two songs are originals from my EP «Imperfect». I play them whenever I can. The third in the league is “Forever uf Di” by Patent Ochsner. This song means a lot to me. I've never sung dialect in public and found the Jungfrau-Zeitung living room concert to be the perfect opportunity. Felipe, who accompanies me acoustically, came home from New Zealand on the last plane the day before. To celebrate the day, I have just integrated it into my living room concert.

What do you wish for the "time after"?

I wish we all try to appreciate what we have more The lockdown shows us what we are missing, but also how good we are actually.

Do you already have certain plans?

I'm all the more happy to finally perform live again, in front of a visible audience and just enjoy life and be grateful. Eating out really big and enjoying the time with friends again, I'm looking forward to it. At the top of my list: a trip abroad.

How can you support the BEO music culture scene during the crisis?

Buy our CDs, share our music on social networks and last but not least: come to our concerts when the lockdown is finally over!