How does a simple man spend life

A whole life

"Seethaler tells completely unspectacularly, without any excitement. It is this calm, withdrawn narrative style that gives the novel something timeless and placeless. Holger Heimann, Deutschlandradio Kultur, 13.05.16

"Seethaler's novel is completely free of sinister narcissism, there is also no national literary navel-gazing in it. The evil 20th century protrudes into the narrative, but does not turn it into a historical parable. Here is a book that does not explain the world want to describe a life. " Thomas E. Schmidt, Die Zeit, April 20, 2016

"Robert Seethaler's oeuvre is always about the whole. Even his successful novel 'A Whole Life' is not a work about the twentieth century, but an archaic consideration of being human and being alone." Andreas Platthaus, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, January 2nd, 2016

"Unfortunately, unfortunately too short for more than one vacation day." Ser Allgemeine Zeitung, 07/30/14

"I read, I was amazed, I enjoyed every sentence, so light-footed and fulfilling Robert Seethaler writes about the great feelings of a little man, about fate and death. ... A whole life on only 150 pages that cast a spell on everyone, because they tell the hardest things, including death, with melancholy ease. " Wolfgang Herles, ZDF the blue sofa, 19.09.14

"Robert Seethaler's sentences exude a special dignity and strength. ... Without resentment, without anger, a life that is difficult to live and that is still anchored in the ground is described here with an incredible weightlessness and elegance." Annemarie Stoltenberg, NDR Kultur, July 29, 2014

"Robert Seethaler has succeeded in writing a book that is so poignant and shocking that one has not been allowed to read it for a long time. ... As distant and calm as Seethaler's language is, it captures the world as vividly, vividly and sensually." Christoph Schröder, the daily newspaper, 02.08.14

"Every note, every word, every sentence - everything is exactly where it belongs. ... The fine, elegant song of a fulfilled life. You become very still. And moved. A bit awesome. And immediately stop whining. Full of torn laughter and great amazement. " Elmar Krekeler, Die Welt, August 9, 2014

"Robert Seethaler tells this story of a simple heart with a language that is wonderfully light, resilient elegance and in a short, novel-like form. ... 'A whole life' is a literary gem. Its minimalist condensation is rewarded with enormous urgency." Ursula March, Deutschlandradio Kultur, 02.08.14

"Great literature in the smallest of spaces." Angela Wittmann, Brigitte, August 27, 2014

"It is the deliberately withdrawn way of telling the story that gives Andreas Egger's story something timeless and placeless. ... There is a great, calming power emanating from this book. ... It is as if it were not isolated , geographically… more