How did Chelsea get its name?

Chelsea FC in London

Chelsea FC is one of the most famous football clubs in London. The FC has been based at Stamford Bridge Stadium from day one. Why this is so and what else there is to learn about Chelsea Football Club and Stamford Bridge you can read with us.

The history of Chelsea FC

Chelsea Football Club, or Chelsea FC for short, is an English football club founded in the London borough of Fulham by the brothers Henry and Joseph Mears.

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The Mears brothers bought the stadium that they originally wanted to rent to Fulham FC. When there was no agreement on the rent, they unceremoniously founded their own football club in The Rising Sun Pub in 1905: Chelsea FC. This pub still exists today under the name The Butcher’s Hook and is located across from Chelsea Stadium.

The greatest successes of Chelsea are:

  • 6 x English champion
  • 7 x English cup winners
  • 1 x Champions League winner
  • 5 x English league cup winner
  • 1 x Europa League winner
  • 2 x cup winners the winner
  • 1 x Uefa Supercup winner
  • 4 x English Super Cup winner

The color of their jerseys during home games is blue - to match yours Nickname "The Blues".

Chelsea FC has hit the headlines more regularly since 2003 because Billionaire Roman Abramovich bought FC for £ 60 millionafter discovering his love for football.

Stamford Bridge Stadium - home and foundation of Chelsea FC

Since its inception, Chealsea FC has played its home games at Stamford Bridge Stadium. This stadium is, to the confusion of some, not in the London borough of Chelsea, but one borough further in Fulham. Furthermore, Chelsea FC was founded in the first place to use the vacant Stamford Bridge stadium, which is an unusual practice. The Chelsea Stadium also has a story before Chelsea FC: Im In April 1877 it was opened as a pure athletics stadium. During its more than one hundred year history, Stamford Bridge Stadium has undergone many renovations and expansions. For a long time it was used multifunctionally and was therefore used until the 1990s.

The exact origin of the name of Stamford Bridge Stadium is difficult to reconstruct. It is believed to be a mixture of the names of the Stanford Creek, which used to flow near the stadium, and the Sanford Bridge. No one knows exactly how this name came to be Stamford Bridge. Chelsea FC fans definitely prefer the name "The Bridge".

The Chelsea London Stadium Tour

For the many fans of Chelsea FC, Stamford Bridge offers a stadium tour. During this tour you can take an exclusive look behind the scenes and explore what remains hidden from the eyes of the normal fan. Here you will receive a about an hour tour by an English-speaking guide. This will guide you through the entire stadium and provide you with real insider knowledge about Chelsea and tell you the history of this special stadium!

Do not miss the unique opportunity to be photographed with the trophies of the Champions League and the Europa League. You will then have access to the most important and largest FC Chelsea shop.


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The popular Chelsea FC tickets - where can you get them cheaply?

If you want to see Chelsea play in London, you have two options: you can book tickets online before your trip or buy tickets on site in London.

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The Chelsea Shop

The Chelsea FC megastore is located right at Stamford Bridge Stadium and is a true shopping paradise for every Chelsea London fan. On over 1,100 m² of space you can buy everything to do with the famous football club and even have your Chelsea jersey printed with the player name and number of your choice. The FC Chelsea fan shop is therefore equipped with 12 printing machines and also with 12 cash registers so that you don't have to wait long even when there is a large crowd.

Here you can find out more about the Chelsea FC shop in Stamford Bridge Stadium:

What's the most convenient way to get to Stamford Stadium?

The closest tube to Stamford Bridge Stadium is Fulham Broadway station. So you can get to the stadium in just 20 minutes if you're coming from Central London. If you have rented a car for your trip to London, we advise against traveling on the day of the match. To avoid traffic jams, parking is prohibited on matchday.

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