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Eyes Wide Shut Parties: This is the story of a perfectly normal orgy

That's the story of Chris. Chris lives in Freiburg - and attends classy sex parties at which members of a secret club meet at castles and celebrate orgies like those seen in Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut". A world outside of the norm. fudder author Viviane Beyer heard reports from this world.

"No dream is completely a dream" - with these words ends Arthur Schnitzler's "Traumnovelle", the basis for Stanley Kubrick's film "Eyes Wide Shut" (screenshot above). At the end of the novella it is not entirely clear: what is fantasy? And what is the reality? We asked ourselves this when we first heard the story of Chris (name changed, but known to the editors).

Chris says that he goes to classy sex parties in the south of Germany. Regularly. Since four years. When Chris talks about these events, he reports that every one to three months 400 to 500 people meet between Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden, for example in castles or in the vaulted cellar of an old freight station. The participants are members of a club, a night costs between 190 and 490 euros. Chris told only a few good friends about it, including fudder author Viviane Beyer.

She met with him several times and recorded his story on tape. At first the 29-year-old from Freiburg was cautious, but then he described such a party night in more and more detail. Chris doesn't want to name the organizer - he doesn't want to reveal much about himself in this fudder article, including his job. Some of his stories seem implausible at first because they are full of clich├ęs. We still believe: there are parties like this, and Chris experienced that. Here is his story.

Whips, vibrators, classic

The soundtrack of that night consists of very different sounds and noises. Sometimes classical music. Time the click of a whip. Sometimes sea sounds from the tape. Sometimes a vibrator hums somewhere. It's a night in a castle in southwest Germany. And it's midnight.

Three hours beforehand in the Freiburg Wiehre. It rings at the door. I empty my glass of red wine in one go. I reach into the drawer and put the Viagra pills in my pocket, then I walk to the door. My trolley case is there, packed with a spare suit and black hot pants. Inka (name changed) is waiting for me outside in the car.

Inka is 28, a year younger than me. I know them for a long time. She took me to a sex party for the first time four years ago. That was at a castle in Wiesbaden. I felt kind of out of place there and just watched. What do they want from me? I asked myself - and what do I want here? It took me some time to loosen up. It's like in the disco: you're afraid of exposing yourself while dancing. It all comes with time.

To date, I've been to nine such parties. Once you have found your sexual past life, you sometimes show it through a piece of jewelry. For example, you would wear a ring - like me. I am a dom, which means that I am dominant in sex. My ring is black with a silver edge. Latin words are engraved on the inside, which mean something like: "I lodge an objection".

You don't just meet complete strangers at these parties. You only get in through a contact person, an acquaintance, who takes you along. Inka recommended me to the organizers at the time. The "boss" (that's what I call him) then invites you to a personal interview.

You sit across from him in his office and he asks, "How important is family to you? Do you have a fear of contact? Does gender play a role? What was your most disreputable sexual experience? What if others participate in your sexual acts? What. What about it?" would you do with a handcuffed woman? "

These questions are important, they are like an aptitude test: At the parties, others have to be able to trust you.

Shortly after 10 p.m. we turn into the driveway. At the gate we show our distinguishing feature: It is a small stone figure, about eight centimeters tall. One arm points upwards, the other she extends invitingly forward - a symbol of openness. Torches light the way to the castle.

We sit down at the bar. The people around me are talking, drinking and laughing. Men and women from all over Central Europe are here again this evening, ages 21 to around 70. They are well-groomed, nobody is overweight, but they are not only model-sized. I order another glass of red wine.

A woman comes up to me - Lisa (name changed). She is slim, she has dark hair and she grabs my crotch. Then she kisses me. How did I deserve this? I ask her. Her answer: Inka instigated her to do this.

Actually, you get to know the other first. So we chat about cars and shoes and our sexual inclinations. Inka and Lisa have a lot in common. That would clarify what we will do on the "other side". We'll get changed and go over there together.

You talk a little here. It smells of vanilla and cinnamon and of people. Some you can smell, others not - that's just the way it is. Crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling. We roam the room. At the other end, between large man's armchairs, is a pool table. A woman stands in front of it, leaning forward, hands and feet each in a yoke. She is naked.

With a string on the St. Andrew's cross

Men and women stand around it, some in elegant evening wear. Sex toys are used, anal plugs and cock rings. On the other hand, not everyone uses condoms: 14 days before you have your urine, semen and blood checked for diseases - and that before every party.

Lisa now wears a metal corset and a thong. We go to the St. Andrew's Cross. It is called so because in the Bible the apostle Andrew died from it - as a martyr. I blindfold Lisa. First I stroke her, then comes the leather strap, at some point I'll tear her panties.

A little later I pass a bed. Several men and women are in the middle of the act, they invite you with a gesture and you join in. Sometimes you meet new people. If you do well at the party, if you appear confident and show that you enjoy sex and are resilient, they will speak to you. Maybe they'll invite you and a few weeks later you'll be at a party in Oberwiehre with seven other men and two women. A perfectly normal orgy.

Around 4 a.m. I go back to the bar and meet up with Inka again. We'll have another drink, then we'll make our way back. On the drive we talk about Lisa. "It was a present for you," says Inka. Inka often does this, sometimes with clothes or jewelry.

Like everyone else, I still have normal sex. But on nights like this, the uncertainty excites me. If you were to tell people that you were going to parties like this, most people would think you were sick, a pervert. But the truth is: everyone has fantasies. Too many are just afraid to act it out. You're uptight. Not me.

Inka stops at my doorstep. It is already getting light.

[Photo: Screenshot "Eyes Wide Shut"]


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