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Education & profession

Are you interested in this job? Then you're probably asking yourself: How do I become a bartender?

First of all, you should know that bartending training is afurther educationwhose regulation depends on the respective provider. This means that, for example, the duration, the prerequisites, the costs and the degree can be different. On average, the duration of full-time training is around 1-3 weeks and part-time up to 3 months. Although there is no school requirement for this type of training, you should be aware that passing the training without prior experience in this industry can be very difficult. As a rule, restaurant specialists or hotel specialists complete further training to become a certified bartender after 3 to 4 years of professional experience.

The exam consists of both written and oral tests. After passing this, you can call yourself a bartender (IHK), bartender, bartender or certified bartender, depending on the training provider. You can only call yourself a bar master after attending a private bar school with the highest advanced training exam.

Other terms and designations have also emerged in the hotel industry.Commis de Barare mostly young bartenders in their first year of assistantship. After a while there is an ascent toDemi Chef de Bar possible, which also has a growing responsibility. After several years of work experience is a promotion toChef de bar possible. The head bartender is responsible for the entire bar area, including costing, purchasing and personnel deployment.