Is a bralette as lingerie


The bralette bra: every woman's favorite bra

Bralette bras are currently very popular with women and girls. But what exactly is a bralette? A bralette is a lingerie item and falls under the bras category. The model is very similar to a bikini top because of its V-shape and cup shape. A bralette is a mix of bra and top.

This type of bra has now become an absolute hit. Not only because of its design, but also because it is very comfortable. It doesn’t need a bracket. As a result, many women prefer this type of bra to a regular bra.

A bralette is also very comfortable because of the fabric it is made of. It has no bracket, but is still elastic and perfectly sewn so that it stretches with it and the fit is excellent. This piece of laundry hugs the body and breasts. This is also due to the pads in the cups.

In our webshop we have wonderful bralettes in yellow, red and blue with lace, floral patterns, fringes and ruffles. But we also have sporty models with stripes and different straps. The straps are also adjustable.

Triangle bra or bralette bra?

A triangle bra is actually the same as a bralette. It's the same type of lingerie item, but with a different name. So you don't need to pay attention to the differences when buying these two pieces of clothing, because they are simply the same product.

How should I wear a bralette bra?

While a bralette is a different type of bra, putting it on and wearing it is easy. The closure is the same as a normal bra with a hook and eye closure on the back. You can wear this underwear just like a normal bra.

Why should I wear a bralette bra?

Of course, there can be no talk of should or must, but it does have many advantages, for example compared to a normal bra with underwire. It is better suited to the natural shape of the breasts, as they have to cope with gravity by themselves without a bracket. This will make the breasts firmer.

Also, a bralette bra is better for your back. Actually for the same reason, namely because of the missing bracket. Without the support of your back from a normal bra, your back muscles will be more stressed again. This will naturally give you better posture. If you have back problems, changing the bra could possibly help.

A third advantage of the bralette compared to the normal bra that lies in the drawer is that it is more hygienic. This is due to the material of the normal bra. It's a pretty stiff garment that doesn't go into the wash as quickly as a flexible, non-wired bralette. Even though a bra absorbs just as much sweat and dead skin cells as a bralette (especially in summer). In any case, it is much better for the skin to opt for a bralette.

The fourth advantage of this beautiful piece of clothing is freedom of movement. Due to the different materials and fabrics (a wire, for example, is made of metal) a normal bra is heavier than a bralette. In addition, the straps are much thinner and the closures smaller in a normal bra. The bralette is therefore much more comfortable to wear.

What size am i?

When buying a bralette, it is important to know that the cups are not underwire. So that means minimal support for the breasts. If you have large or heavy breasts or a large cup size, it is better to wear a regular bra.

The best way to measure the cup size you buy a bralette is with a flexible measuring tape and using our detailed bra size chart.


Isn't this bra guy your first bra? Then you can also choose a size that comes closest to your bra size, i.e. that of a normal bra.