How do I practice oil painting

Oil painting for beginners, Introduction - online painting course for free

On the following pages, the Oil painting easy and understandable for beginners explained. The online painting course is written as a continuous text. Its pages are linked to each other in the order below.

an introduction to the Oil painting for beginners

Contrary to popular belief, the Oil painting not difficult. The oil paints are particularly patient, so as a beginner you have plenty of time to apply them. Because of its creamy consistency, it will also appeal to inexperienced users easy to design with oil paint.

In the Basic oil painting technique is there for you little to consider. The Oil paints can directly like her from the tube come to be painted. You only need brush and a Painting pad (Painting pad, cardboard or canvas). A special liquid (Painting medium) you don't necessarily need.

So as a beginner you can actually just get started. It is best to start out on a simple painting surface some painting exercises to do so that you can get a feel for the oil paint. You probably already have a certain one motive in the head that you would like to paint. Many famous artists began by copying works of art by painters they valued in order to practice painting. In the further course I want you some modern and postmodern works of art as a template propose.

To paint the untouched, white canvas, this beginning is a special moment for every artist and not only for the beginner.


  1. Introduction, oil painting for beginners
  2. Painting in oil
    General information on oil painting, oil paints and painting accessories
    Good basic equipment does not have to be expensive, here you can find out what you really need for oil painting.
  3. Technology for beginners - how do you paint with oil paints?
    The basic oil painting technique is absolutely simple. Due to the good painting properties, painting with oil paints is really fun.
  4. Painting exercises - first attempt in oil On this page you will find some suggestions for painting exercises. With the little training you will get the right feel for the oil paint and lose your last inhibitions.
  5. Subject search - How do you find your pictures as a beginner? Now we can finally start. But most of the time you don't really know what to paint or whether the desired motif is suitable for beginners in oil painting. Be courageous: don't underestimate your skills!
  6. Templates for beginners with instructions. Here are some motifs under the moto Master of modern and postmodern painting explained in their creation and their painting style. Underneath Paint like Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Paul Gauguin, Paul C├ęzanne and Claude Monet.
  7. Oil painting templates: a wide range of motifs and templates suitable for oil painting: abstract painting, nude painting, flowers, landscapes, still lifes, famous works of art and photos.

There are detailed oil painting instructions here.

General information about oil painting:

  • Painting techniques,
  • Basic technique,
  • Alla-prima-technique,
  • Impasto,
  • Semi-opaque,
  • Glazes,
  • Wet-on-wet,
  • Structure,
  • Mixed media,
  • Egg tempera,
  • on acrylic, watercolor,
  • with charcoal, pastels, oil pastels, collage,
  • Substrate: canvas and stretcher, on wood, primer, preliminary drawing, underpainting,
  • Tips - useful tricks,
  • My way of painting,
  • Varnish,
  • Cleaning brushes,
  • Correct,
  • Oil paint: properties, binder - thinner, mixing / making, painting medium,
  • Art supplies: basic equipment, paints, brushes, palette, canvas, stretcher frames, primer