Do you think I'm superficial

How you can tell that your degree is exactly right for you

by Tim Reichel


At this very second, a student decides to drop out of their studies. Not because there is no success, but because the meaning is suddenly gone. It's just not fun anymore. It no longer feels "right". Can you hear the sigh of the student who, disappointed, drops the files in the garbage can and thus crushes his lifelong dream?

Me, yes.

I've been a student advisor for six years and have a lot to do with students. I know their fears and worries. And: I've studied myself and I know how unbelievably caustic it can be.

Studying is tough sometimes. Sometimes unfair. And sometimes really cruel. Nevertheless, almost half a million graduates graduate every year and throw their hats in the air, overjoyed. You reached your goal. Not because it was easy or because they ate the wisdom with spoons, but because they stuck with it.

Even when it was tough, unfair and cruel. They believed in success and kept their motivation even in difficult phases.

And you can do that too.


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13 signs your degree is right for you

If you want to stay motivated in the long term, you have to identify with your studies. You have to believe in yourself and your decision to study and then end this stony path with all determination.

But many students despair of this.

You feel uncomfortable and think you are in the wrong course. Because it is not easy for them. Because they have to invest more than others. Because they have to fight hard all the time and think they will not move.

Of course, there are signs that your studies don't suit you (this is where I wrote about it), but most of these clues are deceptive at first glance. Because even if it doesn't look like it for you at the moment, the probability that you are in a course that suits you well is not so low. You just have to look right.

And that's exactly what we're doing together now - with these 13 signs that your degree is just right for you:


# 1 You torture yourself out of bed in the morning even though you don't feel like it

Very few people jump out of bed every morning grinning and scramble to get up at 6:15 a.m. Whether schoolchildren, students, professionals or retirees: getting up is almost always a bit of a struggle.

But if you still manage to get up, waddle into the bathroom and then march towards the university, you have already cleared the first big hurdle of the day. You have overcome yourself and decided to study - even if you could have stayed in bed instead.


# 2 You believe in the benefits

"Why am I doing this anyway?" You must have asked yourself this question by now. And I bet more than once Questioning the purpose of studying is not a big problem; it doesn't mean that your studies are completely wrong for you.

Not even if you spontaneously don't have an answer to this question. It is only important that you know in the long term why you are studying and what benefits it will bring you. As long as you believe deeply in your studies, brief sensory crises are okay and are part of it.


# 3 You take care of little things

If you are not satisfied with superficial things while studying and value small details, it means that you take your studies seriously and are probably passionate about it.

If you only studied the content roughly without looking closely, you might be more productive (because you can get through the material faster), but not necessarily more successfully (because you overlook or only half understand important things). Just make sure that your weakness for little things does not turn into pathological perfectionism - because that makes you inefficient.


# 4 You also deal with content that is not relevant to the exam

Are you one of those students who concentrate solely on studying on the things that are sure to come up in the next exam? Or do you occasionally think outside the box and read the extra chapter from the book or do research five minutes longer?

If so, congratulations - you really seem to be interested in your studies! Of course, you cannot tear off this effort in every subject and in every learning session, but if you don't care about the rating relevant to the exam every now and then and follow your interests, then you are spot on in your degree program.


# 5 You're happy when you've learned and understood something new

Learning and saving new information is so firmly anchored in your day-to-day business that it often seems natural to you and automatically seems ticked off. Here, consciously perceived learning effects are something wonderful.

Remember the last time you really “clicked” and you completely penetrated and understood something really big. How did you feel in that moment? Wasn't it great to have a complete overview for a brief moment? The more often you work through these situations in your studies, the greater the likelihood that you have found your passion.


# 6 You ask

According to a 2014 study, toddlers ask up to 400 questions a day. Not because they get good grades for it or because they want to distinguish themselves in front of their parents (100 questions are probably enough for them). No, children ask so many questions because they feel like what's going on around them.

You want to understand and absorb everything. You want to learn. They do not know that they are currently studying, but they want to know everything - out of sheer enthusiasm. And if you have this enthusiasm in a certain subject or in the entire course, then you automatically start asking questions. Because you want to know more. Because you want to know everything.


# 7 You don't let other people's opinions influence you

Everyone knows her and sooner or later makes her acquaintance: complainers. Negative people who talk badly and spread a pessimistic mood. Quite often they come from their own family or have crept into friends.

Naggers tell you that your studies are unnecessary. They tell you that you won't make it anyway because there is way too much competition. They keep you small - because they're assholes. Maybe they don't always mean it badly; Nevertheless, they are assholes, because they destroy your motivation and your self-confidence. But if you are fully committed to your studies, they have no chance with you. Your determination is stronger. You don't listen to them.


# 8 You combine your studies with your own values

If your studies not only meet your interests, but also fit your personal value system at the same time, you can create a stronger connection to your lectures than any timetable could manage.

If you believe in the basic principles of your studies, you will identify with the course content much better. And it doesn't matter whether you believe in ethics in medicine, economic productivity, the rule of law, technical progress, early childhood education or organic farming. When you have found the degree that (predominantly) fits your values, you can build up a solid foundation of motivation.


# 9 You draw strength from your surroundings

Do you look forward to the regular meetings with your fellow students? Do you like going to your lectures? Or do your lecturers regularly drag you down and suck your energy out?

Your environment during your studies has a great influence on how you perceive your studies and whether you will ultimately be happy and successful. If you are productive, open and refreshing, it can be a prime breeding ground for your upcoming top performances.


# 10 You get your studies and private life under one roof

Studying is not everything. Good grades and regular study time are of no use if you get lonely and lose every single friend. That is why a great degree is not only characterized by the fact that you receive a first-class education.

If you have to give up all other activities in your studies for love, something will go wrong with you. But if, by and large, you can get friends, family, job and university under one roof, you have hit the jackpot. Of course, you won't be able to do this every day, but if you can find a long-term balance, consider yourself lucky.


# 11 You take your degree home with you

Are you serious about your studies or is it nothing more than a short flirtation? If you are only studying to make lots of money later or to keep your parents happy, you and your college career will become nothing more than a brief casual relationship.

That can work - but then it tingles relatively little. But if you really get involved, your studies will become an integral part of your life. You don't turn off your head when you leave the classroom or the bib, but keep thinking about what you have learned. You take your studies home with you and - whenever possible - let it into your life more.


# 12 You manage to motivate yourself over and over again

Especially when things don't go according to plan and one streak of bad luck follows the next, it shows whether you are really convinced of your studies. Do you manage to stay motivated despite the ongoing downward trend? Or do you throw in the towel after a short time and give up?

If you manage to straighten yourself up again and again and start with renewed vigor every morning, it may well be that you have hit the bull's eye with your decision to study.


# 13 You give more than 100 percent

Do you only do the bare minimum while studying or do you sometimes give more and go beyond the limits? Do you read that one more chapter? Do you calculate the last exercise in addition? If you do more for your studies than you really have to, there is only one explanation for it: you enjoy doing it.

And: You are not doing it for your lecturer, your grandma or your résumé. You do it for you Your degree is just right for you. And you like to give more than 100 percent for the right thing.


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Many students do not even notice that they have long since found their dream course. They are so busy with their daily lives that they overlook the little signs.

They are there all the time.

Therefore, pay attention to how your studies affect you and your attitude. Even if studying is not always easy for you and can be quite annoying from time to time: It can still be just right for you.

Because it makes you strong, happy and satisfied in the long run.

And it's worth it for that, isn't it?


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