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Apex Legends: Player receives 125 million Apex Coins for free after the match

Reddit user MrJakeHD is probably one of the richest players in Apex Legends right now. After all, this lucky guy received an in-game gift out of nowhere, which he shared with 125 million Apex coins rewarded - that corresponds to a value of about 1.1 million euros.

The new 'Battle Royale' hit in the trailer:

Not many multiplayer shooters manage to inspire over 10 million users. Apex Legends achieved this laudable goal within a few days. Responsible for this is certainly not only the "Free 2 Play" model, the fluid game mechanics and the in-game shop, which is exempt from "Pay 2 Win", know how to convince the players.

Apart from numerous character and weapon skins, Apex coins (the real money currency of Apex Legends) can also be used to buy two characters, but they can also be unlocked and do not offer any extraordinary advantages compared to the other playable characters. If you want to get everything in your possession without spending real money, you normally have to invest hundreds of hours in the "Battle Royale" shooter. But there are exceptions as well, as MrJakeHD proves.

As MrJakeHD himself asserts on Reddit, after a match he received a gift that contained over 125 million Apex coins. Extremely rich and disinterested friends are of course not the reason for this. Instead, an in-game bug seems to be responsible for sending such gifts. As the development studio announces on Reddit, they already know:


"We have already noticed such things independently of the Reddit contribution."

But how much are these Apex coins worth in real money? A small invoice: The regular price of the most expensive coin package is 99.99 euros. For this you will receive 10,000 Apex coins and a bonus of 1,500 additional coins. You would have to collect 125 million Apex Coins buy this package about 10,884 times and would have spent over 1.08 million euros.

This gift enables the lucky "Apex Legends" player to buy all items in the shop without a doubt. It is doubtful whether he is actually allowed to keep the coins. Respawn Entertainment has not yet taken a position on this. When another Reddit user asked whether MrJakeHD should be allowed to issue the coins without expecting a ban, the developer studio has not yet responded.

What do you think of Apex Legends? Would you be happy about such a gift or would you have lost interest in the game because you wouldn't need to unlock anything? Feel free to write us your answer in the comments!

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