How do you slim your nose naturally

Contouring instructions: This is how you can make your nose smaller

Too big, too wide, too long - every second woman has something wrong with her nose. However, you don't have to be under the knife to make a visual change. We'll show you how you can make your nose look narrower with powder and brush. With our contouring instructions you can conjure up a perfect nose in no time at all!

Make up your nose smaller - What you need:

  • a light concealer (1-2 shades lighter than your own skin tone)
  • a highlighter (powder or stick)
  • a dark concealer (1-2 shades darker than your own skin tone), you can also use a matte bronzer, eyebrow powder or eye shadow. Powder products are better than cream products.

In general, when contouring the nose, the following applies: light colors emphasize certain features, dark colors minimize, diminish, reduce and conjure up small shadows.

Make your nose appear narrower - this is how it works:

  • Apply makeup or foundation as you normally would.
  • Now start to contour your nose by first highlighting the bridge of your nose with a light concealer. To do this, draw a straight line along the bridge of your nose. The longer you draw the line, the longer the nose looks.
  • Blend the line with your finger or a beauty blender.
  • Now draw two contour lines on the sides of your nose (depending on how narrow you want it to appear). Use an eyeshadow brush to draw the lines. They should start at the bones of your eyebrows and continue to the end of your nose. Be careful not to paint the lines too vigorously at first. If you find it difficult to draw a straight line, you can also use a pen as a “ruler”. Also, apply some dark concealer to the under tip of your nose. This will visually shorten your nose and will not last too long.
  • Carefully blend the lines (they shouldn't look too angular).
  • For the 3D effect, you can apply a little highlighter as a "glow finish". Your nose contouring is done!

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