Are Italian and Spanish related ethnic groups

Spanish women = Latinas?

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dear baufred, you're talking to an italian who has his roots in rome okay?
I also don't feel like talking long with you about the word latino to discuss.
because you just don't live it because you are not a roman / italian.

the americans were only called Latino for one reason and you know that very well ...

but basically it doesn't matter to me, because the Italians are the ones with the Latins / Latini / Latinos are most closely related.
and whatever may come.

that's why i can call myself royal latin πŸ™‚ when the south amis are allowed to scold latinos.

as arrogant and antisocial it may sound.

you can knock down trees, get excited or hit your head against the wall, but that won't change πŸ™‚

p.s. i like to stray through american forums and very much like to talk about the topic Latino , and there are tons of americans who portray us italians as being latinos or even think that they are using the word wrong (bad / evil) πŸ™‚ (which is also the fact)

The fact is: Such people are intelligent and do not allow themselves to be fooled by the media clutter.

here is a small excerpt for you

Italians are latino, the problem is that americans use the word β€œlatino” very VERY badly.
For starters, they think is a race.
And then they go from there.
So whats wrong is the use americans do of the word latino.


I think it depends on the area:

Truth: latinos are only Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, French and Romanians.
According to Americans (south and north): latinos are LatinAmericans.
According to Europe: the same as the truth, but maybe including LatinAmericans due to the inheritance of the languages.


I think most people consider italians latinos !!
The latin culture is from Italy!