Can I gain weight from swimming?

Weight gain from swimming ????

  • Good Morning all,
    Since Friday I have increased my distance to 1.5 KM at a time.

    I'm very satisfied at the moment, the exercise is good for me and much more important ... I really enjoy it.

  • alterfuchs 07.11.2017, 09:15

    For me, there is definitely a direct link between swimming and weight gain. Because if I swim, then I am

    a) Either in Italy and there do the pasta and vino rosso almost alone


    b) here now and then in the swimming pool and somehow I always go for french fries / currywurst / wheat beer. Otherwise, I never actually eat French fries with C-sausage.

    a) and b) have in common that my swimming distance never exceeds 100m. Although, it could be 150m if the current pulls the bathing platform a little out to sea.

  • Today I wanted to know and once did 2 KM

    That worked too, but after that I was quick and everyone ..... I think first of all I try to strengthen and keep the 1.5 KM mark. And mind you. EVERY DAY .... without exception.

    I feel great physically and it's a lot of fun

  • swimming is great Just make up your mind to go up 200m every month. You hardly notice that and you are getting fitter and fitter. what do the scales say?

  • I don't get on the scales until the end of the month, the weight is on position 2