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Hong Kong is considering postponing city parliament elections

By Reuters Staff

Hong Kong (Reuters) - According to a media report, the Hong Kong government is considering postponing the general election planned for September 6 by one year.

The reason is the fear of the corona virus spreading, reported the state broadcaster RTHK on Wednesday without specific sources or details. A postponement could reduce the chances of the pro-democratic opposition gaining a historic majority in the city parliament. It has gained popularity in light of the controversial security law for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. No comment was received from the office of Prime Minister Carrie Lam.

The election to the Legislative Council would be the first since the Hong Kong Security Act came into force. It is the most radical break in the autonomy of the financial metropolis, which it was promised for at least 50 years when it was handed over to China in 1997 on the principle of “one country - two systems”. It provides life imprisonment as the maximum sentence for numerous offenses that the Chinese authorities consider subversion, secession and terrorism. Last year, pro-democracy rallies and protests, some of which were violent, against the Hong Kong government paralyzed the country for months.

The Bureau of Constitutional and Mainland Affairs said it was preparing the election and was in contact with health officials. It is a lie if the government uses the pandemic as an excuse to postpone the election, criticized pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong on Twitter. Hong Kong has reported around 3,000 cases of infection since January. In the wake of the pandemic, Hong Kong's economy shrank by 9.0 percent in the second quarter compared to the same period last year, the government announced. However, it is already the fourth quarter in a row with a decline, which is also due to the massive protests.