Is the Canon 800d the best DSLR for beginners

The best single lens reflex camera for beginners 2021: comparison and our tips

Thanks to 3D tracking, the autofocus can also continuously focus on subjects that are moving around unpredictably. This is an advantage for children playing or athletes, for example, so that you don't have to keep refocusing with sudden movements.

The video function in full HD also offers some useful features, such as time-lapse recordings and a connection for an external microphone, which is actually indispensable for proper video recordings. For example, you can avoid recording the noises of the camera, which are generated by the image stabilizer or the autofocus.

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The alternative with videos in 4k: Canon EOS 250D

If you value video recording in Ultra HD, then you should check out the Canon EOS 250D.

The most important data at a glance:

Sensor:24 MP APS-C
Weight (without lens): 449 grams
Series pictures: 5 frames / second
Focus areas: 9
Connection technology: Bluetooth, WiFi
Folding display: Yes
Price including kit lens: approx. 550 euros

Our assessment:

The Canon EOS 250D is similar to the Nikon D5600 in many ways.

Here, too, the touchscreen can be folded out, which is an advantage for difficult perspectives, such as in macro photography.

The EOS 250D is also quite light-sensitive, which allows you to take photos with the right lens even in poor lighting conditions.

A small drawback is that the camera only has 9 focus areas. These are the rectangular boxes that you see through the viewfinder and that you can select to bring certain elements into focus.

With more measuring fields, the camera covers a larger area in the image section and you have a larger selection of image details that you can select to focus on. For comparison: the Nikon D5600 offers up to 39 focus areas for around 50 euros more.

The EOS 250D compensates for this with its very high-resolution video recordings in Ultra HD. A connection for an external microphone is also available. In this price segment you will not find any other camera that shoots such high-resolution videos.

All in all, the EOS 250D is a very good SLR camera for a relatively low price.

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For DSLR beginners with high demands: Canon EOS 800D

The Canon EOS 800D is a camera that is worthwhile for both beginners and advanced users. If you can invest more money on your first SLR, then you are not going wrong with this camera.

The most important data at a glance:

Sensor:24 MP APS-C
Weight (without lens): 532 grams
Series pictures: 6 frames / second
Focus areas: 45
Connection technology: WLAN, NFC, HDMI, USB
Folding display: Yes
Price including kit lens: approx. 700 euros

Our assessment:

At around 700 euros, the camera is in the upper price segment for entry-level cameras, but offers many features that also benefit advanced photographers.

With 45 focus areas, a large part of the image section is covered and with up to 6 series images per second you can take sharp photos of even the fastest movements.

The camera makes video recordings in full HD, which is absolutely sufficient for filmmakers without professional demands.

The EOS 800D leaves little to be desired for beginners and is ideal for those who know that they want to use their camera for a long time.

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The best SLR cameras over 1000 euros

And here are the SLRs for bigger budgets. These cameras go beyond the normal demands of beginners, which is why we can no longer call them entry-level cameras.

If you still want to spend more on a camera to get started, you can find our selection here.

For advanced users: Canon EOS 90D

The EOS 90D is well suited for advanced photographers who have outgrown the needs of a novice photographer.

The most important data at a glance:

Sensor:32 MP APS-C
Weight (without lens): 701 grams
Series pictures: 10 frames / second
Focus areas: 45
Connection technology: WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Folding display: Yes
Price including kit lens: approx. 1300 euros

Our assessment:

With a rapid series frame rate of 10 frames per second, video recordings in Ultra HD and 45 focus areas, this camera belongs to the upper league of SLR cameras.

Such a camera is especially worthwhile for advanced photographers. But even as a beginner, you won't go wrong with the EOS 90D, provided you are willing to invest a lot of time in the camera.

Especially if you want to have semi-professional photography settings to choose from at the same time as the 4k video resolution, this camera offers a good price-performance ratio.

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The full-frame SLR camera for professionals: Nikon D850

The Nikon D850 is a professional SLR with full frame sensor. Right now it is probably the highest quality SLR camera on the market.

The most important data at a glance:

Sensor:45 MP FX
Weight (without lens): 915 grams
Series pictures: 7 frames / second
Focus areas: 153
Connection technology: WLAN, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI
Folding display: Yes
Price (housing only): approx. 2400 euros

Our assessment:

With a 45 megapixel full format sensor, the D850 not only offers excellent image quality, but also allows you to print your photos very large thanks to the high number of pixels.

But here, too, the following applies: You can only achieve the full potential of the camera with a high-quality lens and advanced photography skills.

With a full-frame sensor, 153 focus areas, a very fast autofocus and 4k video recordings, Nikon has developed a real all-rounder. But also at its price: The case alone costs around 2400 euros. With a good lens, you can quickly get over 3000 euros.

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Which camera accessories do you need immediately for a SLR camera?

Buying the camera and lens is not enough. You also need these accessories to be able to take photos:

Camera bag

At the latest when you go out with your camera for the first time, you will notice that you need a camera bag. Not only can you safely stow your camera in it, but also lenses, accessories and personal items such as your wallet.

We have already had several camera bags and camera backpacks and have been using the bags from hellolulu for a long time.

They are practical, robust and also look good.

A good camera bag for SLR cameras is the Morley from hellolulu. This is a waterproof shoulder bag in different colors that also fits a second lens and accessories.

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Memory card

SLR cameras have no or only very limited internal memory. That means, in order to be able to take pictures, you need a memory card, which you have to buy additionally.

There are different types of memory cards. The common memory card for SLR cameras is the SD memory card.

They are also available in various forms, which differ from one another essentially in terms of writing and reading speed and storage capacity.

We take photos with UHS-1 SD cards with a storage capacity of 32 gigabytes and can recommend this format. The writing and reading speed is fast and videos can also be played smoothly.

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That was our comparison of the best entry-level SLR cameras. Do you have any questions about the cameras presented? Do you know any other entry-level SLR that you can recommend? Then we look forward to your comment!