What happens at an alumni meeting

Meet alumni

Reasons why it is worth meeting alumni

#1: Find a mentor. Alumni are an ideal pool of people who, based on their professional experience, could take on a mentoring role. In particular, alumni who work in your industry and have at least 5-10 years ahead of you are good candidates.

#2: Find inspiration. Those who are still not on the right career path after completing their studies, a few internships and their first jobs can come up with new ideas through alumni. Where did people end up who studied at your university? What jobs and what niches are there? What haven't you thought of yet?

#3: find a job. It is said that around 80 percent of all jobs are mediated through relationships. And alumni are usually in good positions in various companies and could help you get a new job through knowledge and contacts.

#4: find friends. It is particularly common in Anglo-Saxon countries to have alumni groups in various large cities. If you move for work, it is usually quite easy to meet up with other alumni. Friendships can grow from the acquaintances.

#5: receive information. Are you interested in a specific company? Maybe there is an alumna or alumnus who has already worked there?

#6: Strengthen friendships. Chatting with college friends about old times, bringing each other up to date or planning a trip together - meeting alumni gives you the chance to revive friendships that have fallen asleep.

Keeping in touch: what's the best way to do it?

There are above all two good waysto keep in touch with other graduates of your university:

  • Communication platform for alumni. A website with a forum would be ideal, but of course a fan page on Facebook is also possible. So everyone who studies or has studied at your university has a central place on the Internet to exchange ideas. Regardless of where they now live.
  • Alumni meeting. For this it is often said: back to school! Alumni meetings are often more than just a big reunion party on campus. Often there is a program and different thematic stations where you can meet other alumni.

In addition, smaller events (regulars' table, film evening, sports event, etc.) can also be useful to maintain team spirit. For larger universities, it is also worth setting up local alumni groups in different cities.


Meeting alumni again and again expands your network, opens up professional opportunities and strengthens friendships. Plus: As alumni, you are the best ambassadors for your university. It pays to put a little energy into building a formal alumni group. This strengthens the image of the university and benefits future generations of students.

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