Which is Kerala's favorite food

Food Paradises Of Kerala: Go On A Gastronomic Delight

They think backwaters, beaches, houseboats, and Kerala Ayurvedic Spa; we say appam, puttu, karimeen pollicahthu, seafood, biryani and the divine sadya! Salivate already?

Then get ready for a fun ride down the gourmet alley of this southern delight!

Their abundant cuisine, shaped over the centuries by a delicious mix of Malabar, French, British and Arabic influences, has resulted in some of the most unique and lip-like flavors on the coast.

Welcome to God's land of Kerala!

Food in Kerala
The restaurant culture here is quite modern and has only developed recently. The older generation is skeptical of the idea of ​​restaurants; in fact, they find it rather confusing and sad. "Why should you go out to eat when you can prepare delicious food at home?"

As a result, restaurants are primarily about catering to visitors, and they are often attached to hotels. Also, the good independent restaurants mostly focus on the big cities or tourist centers like; Trivandrum, Kochi, Kovalam and Calicut.

Kerala Food Paradises

Almost all mallu dishes are prepared in coconut and various spices, which gives the taste a sharp sharpness that is enhanced by a hint of tamarind. The use of coconut adds richness to the dishes and also absorbs the tongue teasing the hot flavors.
As a coastal state, there is also an abundance of seafood prepared in different ways. So, let's find out where to go to local favorites in Kerala:

1. Shala Restaurant

Literally, Ma ke haath ka khaana! The unique selling point of this place is home cooked food from the local housewives. So you can expect delicious home cooked food in beautiful surroundings. It's a small place and it shouldn't be a surprise to see a long line waiting outside to get a table here.

Specialty: Malabar shrimp curry, kingfish steak and the vegetarian special (changing daily)
Place: Peter Celli Street, Fort Kochi, Kochi
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2. Rahmathullah Hotel

Don't miss the appearance of this little place because if you want the best biryani in Kerala, you have to endure it! Kayees Rahmathullah Hotel has been serving everyday people from around the world here since 1948 for a taste of their delicious biryani.

Specialty: Biryani, you get fish biryani on Fridays and shrimp on Tuesdays. On all other days there is chicken and mutton.
Place: Aanavaadal, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Kochi
Reviews: 5 star
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3. Kethals chicken

Forget about KFC, its KCF or Kethal's Chicken Fry that you have to try! Since 1949 this has been a fantastic place serving Kerala's most popular fried chicken.

Specialty: Chapppathi and roast chicken sprinkled with lime juice
Place: Rahmaniya Lane, Chalai Bazar, Trivandrum
Reviews: 4 stars
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4. Rapsy Restaurant

Rapsy Restaurant is the answer to delicious food at great prices when you are backpacking on a budget. Prices for Rapsy's famous Paratha or Biryani start at just Rs. 50!

Specialty: Spanish omelette, Israeli shakshuka (eggs with tomatoes and spices) and Mexican salsa.
Place: Main Bazaar, Munnar
Reviews: 4 stars
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5. Large pavilion

The Grand Pavilion is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Kochi. If you walk past the crowd and look for a table here, you will be amazed by a gourmet.

Specialty: Syrian food, karimeen pollichathu (fried pear spotted fish), seafood, biriyani and authentic Keralan dishes
Place: Ernakulam, Kochi
Reviews: 5 Stars
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6. Menorah

The nearby beach with the huge Chinese fishing nets ensures a constant supply of fresh fish and other seafood in Menorah. No wonder they serve the best seafood in town!

Specialty: Jewish food and seafood
Place: Koder House, Fort Cochin, Kochi
Reviews: 3.5 stars
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7. Hotel Annapoorna

All vegans can look forward to it! Hotel Annapoorna is a vegetable-only restaurant that serves the best mallu breakfast and other traditional dishes.

Specialty: Puttu, Masala Dosa, Idli (all vegetarian favorites, just name it)
Place: Perumbavoor, Kerala
Reviews: 4.5 stars
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8. Dal Roti

Are you missing your Tandoori Chicken, Roti and Dal Makhni? If you want to take a break from the coconut, flavorful, and flavorful flavors of Kerala, then come to Dal Roti.

Specialty: North Indian food, Kathi rolls
Place: Fort Kochi, Kochi
Reviews: 4 stars
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Cafes, cabins and a continental breakfast

Oh don't you worry; Here in Kerala, you won't be deprived of good continental food. The fact that it is a diverse state with a myriad of international influences is clearly evident in their food.

Let's check out some of the best places for continental food in Kerala:

9. Beatles Restaurant

Just like the name, the place is amazing as well. This restaurant overlooking the breathtaking lighthouse beach invites a large number of tourists who come here for a relaxing time. The tiger prawns served here are a dream!

Specialty: Burgers, seafood and continental breakfast
Place: Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam
Reviews: 4 stars
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10. Indian coffee house

An extravagant, spiral-shaped red brick tower in the main station street of Trivandrum attracts herds from all corners of the city. It is the oldest and largest chain of restaurants in all of Kerala - The Indian Coffee House. A refreshing cup of filter coffee with a shot of Dosa or Idli is just the right way to start the day in Trivandrum!

Specialty: Coffee and snacks
Place: Central Station Road, Trivandrum
Reviews: 4 stars
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11. Kashi Art Café

Eat or eat nothing, Kashi Art Café is a must see in Kochi. The casual atmosphere and artistic ambience of the place have made it an attraction in itself. But the food here is great too!

Specialty: Western breakfast and coffee
Place: Fort Kochi, Kochi
Reviews: 4.5 stars
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12. Le Sante Café

Come here to taste the best burgers in town! Le Sante Café is located in the heart of Kozhikkode town and is a great place to linger and grab a quick bite.

Specialty: Burgers, waffles, ice cream and desserts
Place: NIT Mukkam Road, Kozhikode
Reviews: 4.5 stars
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13. German Bakery (Wellen)

The German bakery is the most popular meeting place in town and offers the best breakfast menu. You can spend hours on a breezy, sunburned, orange balcony sipping coffee and nibbling on their delicious food.

Specialty: Curries, seafood, tofu and pizza
Place: Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam
Reviews: 3.5 stars
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So next time, or even first time, you are in Kerala make sure to fill your belly with the amazing delicacies of this beautiful place. You will not be disappointed!

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