Should anyone ever wear Crocs in public

Am I the only one who thinks Birkenstocks is just ugly?

Okay, sure. Trends come and go, and not everything has to be pleasing. But somehow the Birkenstock trend seems to have come to stay. And our author doesn't like that at all.
on June 19, 2017, 3:43 p.m.

So far, I've always had a great understanding of the freakiest trends because I generally believe that everyone should wear what they want. (And in the dreary, fashionably-left Vienna, I'm happy for everyone who dares to go beyond the classic jeans-sneaker-shirt combo).
But now that summer is beginning and the temperatures are rising again, the Birkenstock Schlapfen seem to have finally manifested themselves deeply in our Viennese cityscape. And let's be honest: The trend IS over and these "shoes" have clearly exceeded their half-life.

From a flash in the pan to a permanent trend

I can still remember the first time I saw Birkenstocks in a magazine and thought to myself: "You can't be serious". Well, she was serious and the fashion industry apparently even more and before I knew it, Vienna was full of Birkenstocks and I was apparently the last person on this planet who did not understand this shoe trend. Inwardly, every fiber in me refused to ever consider this shoe for outdoor use, and I resolved to never go along with this trend (it would yes eh disappear soon).

Yes, of course, Birkenstocks are healthy, comfortable and good for the footbed - but if we women only wear things that are comfortable and healthy, the handbag industry would have been in great trouble for a long time.

Well he didn't. Now two (felt: ten) years have passed, I hate Birkenstocks even more than ever and with this opinion I feel even more lonely than at the beginning of what is probably the worst shoe trend we have had since Crocs and Uggs had to experience. But what is the worst: While we at least all agreed with the aforementioned models that these models actually eh are ugly, that doesn't seem to be the case with the "Birkis", as they are affectionately known by many.

"What, YOU don't like Birkenstocks?"

Although I would describe myself as a trendy person, I have never understood why the Birkenstock hype has degenerated so much.

Yes, of course, the shoes are healthy, comfortable and good for the footbed - but if we women only wear things that are comfortable and health-promoting, the handbag industry would have been in big trouble for a long time, Marina Hoermansederwould never have become known with their corsages and Hérve Léger would never have sold even one of his super-tight bandage dresses.

But that's not how fashion works and that was the reason why we were (fortunately) spared from orthopedically correct clothing (or are support stockings, for example the next big thing?!).

So far - because today a criticism of the Birkenstock is apparently just as bad as a criticism of the fashion style of the person himself. "Birkenstocks are great", "They don't look that bad anyway" , "So I really don't know what you got. Are anyway nice". If there are Birkenstock haters among you - you will probably have heard these sentences as often as I have (which is why I have so far skilfully held back my opinion about Birkenstocks from the public).

Whatever the fashionable future brings, I would really like to see someone soon develop a handsome shoe model that is at least as healthy as the "Birki". Then we can finally return to normal and the Birkenstocks can finally return to their natural habitat, the classroom.