What is a transitional space in architecture

Klaus Kada: Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Austria, 1997

One of the most complex works that the Austrian architect Klaus Kada has realized so far is the "Festspielhaus" in St. Pölten, an industrial center near Vienna.

The complex dealt with here results in an extremely clear and complete manner and configures itself as a simple and low volumetric body from which the glass concert hall stands out.
In reality, the project implements a real urban strategy, which can be seen both inside and outside: the large glass-enclosed hall with 1,200 seats marks the stage of the action, as it reflects the idea with its volume and extensions an? open house? without barriers there.
When the visitor crosses the body of the entrance hall to reach the upper floor and the gallery, he goes through a transition room that leads him to the stairs.

This internal ambience develops out of the precise will to give the events a spatial priority, which are presented here and therefore remains a bit bare.