What's next after Brexit


  • 04/28/2021 6:25 p.m. It preceded a vote of no confidenceNorthern Ireland's Prime Minister Foster resigns due to Brexit consequences

    Brexit has not only increased political tensions in Northern Ireland in recent weeks. Arlene Foster draws the conclusions from this. more

  • 04/28/2021 9:28 a.m. Great Britain leaves the EUEuropean Parliament finally approves the Brexit trade pact

    Update The agreement was reached on Christmas Eve 2020 that the EU's trade agreement with the British can now come into force. The European Parliament has confirmed the pact. more

  • 04/26/2021 7:14 p.m. First the signature, then the negotiationsWhy the EU doesn't dare to slow down the treaty with London

    The transition period after Brexit ends at the end of April. The EU Parliament wants to approve the post-Brexit agreement - although many points are still open. By Markus Grabitzmore

  • 04/22/2021 8:44 p.m. The woman for a good climateJill Gallard is Britain's new ambassador to Berlin

    The British ambassador has so far only seen Berlin in lockdown. She knows exactly what to do first as soon as life starts up again. By Elisabeth Bindermehr

  • 04/22/2021 3:41 p.m. Trade deal with Great BritainHard Brexit finally off the table

    In theory, there could have been a hard Brexit if the EU Parliament had delayed approval of the trade deal. But the parliamentarians give in. By Albrecht Meiermehr

  • Apr 9, 2021 7:38 a.m. Again riots in Northern IrelandRioters throw Molotov cocktails, police use water cannons

    Despite all warnings, there have been renewed violent protests in Northern Ireland. Is the already fragile peace falling apart? more

  • March 26, 2021 9:22 am Corona aid and vaccination in the EUEven the Brexit Brits are better

    The EU promised: Joint development aid, Green Deal and vaccination faster. But Brussels does not deliver. A comment. From Christoph von Marschallmehr

  • March 10, 2021 6:40 am Conference on the future of the EUThat is what the citizens of Europe want

    Macron wanted to make the EU more capable of acting through reforms. Under the influence of Corona, parliament and surveys, closer proximity to the citizen is now the main goal. From Christoph von Marschallmehr

  • 04.03.2021 5:05 p.m. European Christian Democrats split from FideszOrban's eviction should only be the beginning

    The EU is too tolerant of rule breakers out of pragmatism. But as national egoism grows, it has to defend its principles harder. A comment by Christoph von Marschallmehr

  • 02/21/2021 11:39 AM, just two weeks in officeUK Cohesion Advisor throws in the towel

    He should make a contribution to the cohesion of the United Kingdom. As soon as he got there, adviser Oliver Lewis dropped. Downing Street is silent. more

  • February 15, 2021 10:47 p.m. Crises and the anniversary of the German EmpireWhy still nation states?

    The idea is popular but useless - nations have outlived each other. A plea for a Europe from below. By Andrea Dernbachmehr

  • 11.02.2021 6:43 p.m. Crisis meeting on Northern IrelandIs the Brexit dispute now returning?

    The British Minister of State Gove and EU Commission Vice Sefcovic want to settle the dispute over Northern Ireland in the evening. But it doesn't look like that. By Albrecht Meiermehr

  • 02/08/2021 4:42 p.m. EU parliamentarians in Corona timesBetween the PCR test and the 48-hour rule

    How is work going in the European Parliament with face-to-face operations and video conferences? Three MEPs report. By Albrecht Meiermehr

  • 31.01.2021 01:02 p.m. Only self-praise helpsOne year after Brexit - how's the UK doing?

    The complaints from fishermen, mail order companies and freight forwarders are increasing. But the political leadership tries to spread optimism. By Sebastian Borgermehr

  • 01/31/2021 8:29 am Searching for a partner after BrexitGreat Britain wants to join the transpacific trade pact CPTPP

    The British have to find new trading partners after leaving the EU. Now they want to become a member of a free trade area that includes Australia and Canada. more

  • 01/30/2021 7:52 am No controls at the Irish-Northern Irish borderEU gives way to vaccine dispute with Great Britain

    In the conflict over scarce vaccines, the EU wants to control exports more closely. Northern Ireland sees an "act of hostility". Von der Leyen smoothes the waves. more