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Anyone who has ever been to Greece knows: almost nowhere are there as many beaches as on the countless islands that are grouped in front of the southern European mainland. A fabulous 3,054 islands belong to Greece, but only 87 are inhabited and wonderful holiday destinations for the summer. The most popular islands in Greece include Kos, Chania, Corfu, Zakynthos, Crete and Rhodes and among others on these islands you will find the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

The most beautiful beaches in Greece 2021

1. Lalaria Beach on Skiathos

The island Skiathos belongs to the region of Thessaly and is more of an insider tip among the holiday islands of Greece. Where is Thessaly, you ask? The best way to describe the location is to be northeast.

The Lalaria beach is one of the absolute highlights on the island. Because here you will find natural phenomena that somehow could never really be explained: such as a huge hole in the even bigger stone block on the beach, which nobody knows exactly how it got into the stone block.

Another eye-catcher are the far-reaching cliffs that stretch below the surface of the water.

The beach is a pebble beach - overlaid with round small white stones - and can only be reached by boat, which promises a very special location. There is a choice between ferry and water taxi.

Unfortunately, the spectacle is not entirely free, but many day-trippers like to spend a few euros for an exceptionally great bathing experience.

Two more tips among friends: in addition to sunscreen and bathing suits, you should also think of provisions - the supply situation is on Lalaria Beach on Skiathos - let's say - not particularly well developed. It's also worth taking snorkeling gear with you and using it.

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2. Navagio Beach on Zakynthos

The most beautiful beach of Zakynthos and one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece is the Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach. Navagio Beach has long been an absolute magnet for excursions and for everyone who just wants to chill out.

Mostly he is photographed Navagio Beach especially because of the shipwreck nestling in the sand. It appears to have been installed there like a work of art, but it seems to have washed ashore.

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The white, high cliffs surround the dream beach, you can get there via a path, the car has to stop a little way away. You have a great view from the signposted lookout point.

The water shimmers especially blue in contrast to the white, shining rocks and one is simply looking forward to plunging into the floods here. And for the (hobby) photographers among you, there are great motifs that you can capture at any time of the day.

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3. The Balos Beach in Crete

About 1 kilometer northwest of the Cretan city of Kissamos is the famous Balos lagoon, a bay between Cape Gramvousa and the somewhat smaller Cape Tigani. The village of Platiskinos is located above the bay. Even Lady Diana and Prince Charles paid a visit to the popular bay with their yacht.

Why the beachBalos Beach is so popular? Well, turquoise water, a wild and romantic landscape, white shell and coral sand are the epitome of vacation - right? In summer, many day-trippers come to this bay because it is really exceptionally beautiful. Outside of the season it's emptier - and still beautiful.

The sea slopes very gently, so that even small children can play on the beach without any risk. By the way, at the edge of the lagoon there are rocks under water, where you can get closer to the underwater world and watch fish. A café provides basic catering, where you can also borrow parasols.

4. The beach of Kallithea in Rhodes

Are you up for a great beach on Rhodes? The beachKallithea is on the east coast of the island, right between Faliraki and Rhodes town. With its three by ten meters, it is not exactly huge, but it offers opportunities to chill out as well as pure adrenaline in the form of water sports.

However, you have to move into an adjacent hotel directly. But there are plenty of umbrellas and beach loungers that only you and other guests can besiege. The hotel facilities on Kallithea Beach Rhodes are large and offer a lot of luxury: from the hotel's own pool to water slides, all-inclusive tariffs to bars and restaurants. And a drink like that in the evening on the beach is also something nice, isn't it?

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Apart from the amenities that a hotel beach offers, you can go from the Kallithea Beach also start all activities. The place Kosikou, for example, is a picturesque Rhodian village with colorful elements of houses and narrow streets.

5. Elafonissi Beach in Crete

Elafonissi - does this name happen to be music to your ears? If not, then the song comes up with this term. Elafonissi Beach is on Crete and 76 km west of Chania, in the most south-westerly part of Crete. Is connected really well Elafonissi Beach not, but the route is still worth it.

The island is a dream landscape and, interestingly, a headland that blends with the Elafonissi Island connects - because it is directly opposite. On the left side of the headland - seen from Crete - the water is fairly steep, a bit of caution is advised, on the right side you can splash around without worrying. Because here the sea becomes a lagoon and invites you to chill out and chat. The wilder side of the beach is a kite and windsurf paradise.

In addition to the bright beach and the crystal clear water, there is also the interesting landscape and the extraordinary fauna around the beach and also on the island of Elafonissi itself. The island has been under nature protection since 2000 and has numerous dunes and cedar-like trees. The endangered Careta Careta turtles nest here and other rare animal species are also native here - and want to remain undisturbed.

The Elafonissi Beach - we are back in Crete - offers you everything you need for a nice day at the beach. Parasols, snack bars, life guards, changing rooms and showers. You can also park near the beach - and if you no longer want to drive after a great day at Elafonissi Beach, you can also rent a room.

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6. Faliraki Beach in Rhodes

It stretches an incredible four kilometers Faliraki Beach - and it can be divided into three parts. The southern area is considered the main beach and is located directly at the holiday resort of the same name.

The middle part is rather wild and inanimate, if you walk along there and feel under your feet, you will feel one or the other pebble. Not everyone likes it, but maybe the privacy you have on the middle part of the beach is worth it - you will look for it a little longer on the northern part.

That is where hotels have looked for their locations and the sun loungers go right up to the water's edge. Somehow logical that restaurants, sanitary facilities and the like are not far away, lifeguards watch the sea and give the alarm immediately in case of danger. For a day at the beach you buy a day ticket and can switch back and forth between the different parts of the beach.

But outside of the hotel area you will also find all the utensils for a successful day on the beach: showers, toilets, beach bars, taverns and restaurants - everything ready. For the party mice among you is Faliraki Beach Incidentally, also THE place to go - the lively nightlife attracts party-goers from everywhere, but as a family you can also visit Faliraki spend a great vacation in Rhodes.

In any case, the former fishing village has a good infrastructure for celebrations and relaxation. Bars, clubs, pubs, supermarkets and souvenir shops are usually not far, and above all the bars and co. Are generally very busy. So whether you come to Faliraki to dance, party, chill out or relax - or all at the same time - you are definitely in good hands in Faliraki and can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece

7. Canal D´Amour beach in Corfu

Corfu is calling! And with him the Canal d’Amour beach, which one must describe as an absolute natural wonder. Caves and tunnels border the beach and the most exciting thing about it: you can even swim into it. A kind of channel connects the bay with the open sea - and legend has it that everyone who swims through this channel will find great love.

Hence the name of the beach - and perhaps also its popularity. You should also have snorkeling equipment at the start for this beach visit - snorkel, mask and fins. Because with the help of this equipment you can experience the underwater world at Corfu discover, observe fish and discover unknown plants.

If you like to go for a walk apart from swimming, snorkeling or diving, you can walk on the rocks here and plan a picnic break with a picturesque view at the highest point. From up here you can also see the impressive sandstone formations best.

However, I would like to advise you against cliff jumping on this beach - here it is particularly difficult to see where there are rocks under water.

The nearest cities are Corfu town - about an hour's drive away - and the pretty place Sidari. Both places connect the beach with buses, so that you can get there somewhat chilled and you will see that this beach is rightly one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece is.

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8. Sarakiniko Beach on Milos

The name of this beach - Sarakiniko Beach - may sound a bit Asian, but one of the letters is hidden behind the letter combination most beautiful beaches in Greece. Due to the activities of the volcanoes, an extraordinarily fantastic landscape has developed here, which gives the impression that you have landed on the moon.

Sometimes you get the feeling that the naturally created bridges or the canal-like spur were built in the studio. But: it's all real!

And so the contrast between the sea and the rocks is particularly beautiful: the white rocks stand out radiantly against the deep blue sea and the whole picture conveys an extraordinary holiday feeling.

If you want to swim there, you shouldn't miss the cave-like bulges, where you can feel like an adventure on a treasure hunt. Niches and nooks in the rocks also offer you a bit of privacy and - more importantly - shade.

By the way it was Sarakiniko often a backdrop for film and photo productions. Music video makers and Bollywood love the secluded beach on the island between mainland Greece and Crete. And a small private photo shoot is definitely included when visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

9. Agia Marina beach in Crete

The is two kilometers long Agia Marina Beach in Crete. The middle section of this one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece protrudes a bit cheekily from the coast and is just one kilometer as the crow flies from the one in front Theodorou Island.

Incidentally, this is under nature protection and must not be entered, especially since rare species of turtles and goats live here and do not want to be disturbed. In contrast to this, the coast inland is densely built up, but this is masked a bit by tree lines.

Due to the proximity to hotels, the audience is at Agia Marina Beach conceivably mixed. Families, couples, single travelers and friends on holiday together can relax here, splash around in the artificially created bathing areas on the western section and get an adrenaline rush with water sports.

In some beach clubs it is already hot at lunchtime - and the DJs start to let off steam early in the day.

10. Kolymbia Beach in Rhodes

Being lazy is wonderful, because work still has time - and being lazy is most important Kolymbia Beach in Rhodes beautiful. Sun loungers and pavilions offer you the perfect conditions for a really relaxing day on one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The beach is 15 to 20 meters wide and stretches about one kilometer along the coast of the Rose Island.

A comfortable spot in the shade can be easily created and you can easily switch back and forth between sun, shade and sea. There are also water sports for the adrenaline junkies among you. Parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing - the action is right on the beach, and it's also a nice cool down in summer.

The equipment also offers everything you need: showers, restaurants, toilets and lifeguards watch over the bathers in the sea.

And if you don't feel like looking at the sea anymore, you can just turn around and look at the towering Tsambikaberg.

At the top there is a former monastery, which is a popular place of pilgrimage. The overgrown, wild and romantic mountains merge a few meters above sea level into the wonderful bathing bay of Kolymbia Beach.

A boat trip from the port of Kolymbia also offers a bit of variety. The easy journey - if you are in Kolymbia Where you have accommodation - on foot, by car or by bus - is probably another factor in the popularity of the Kolymbia Beach

11. Prasonisi beach in Rhodes

Are you a surfer and can't wait to get back on the board that means the world to you? Then off to the Prasonisi Beach on the beautiful Greek island Rhodes. This beach definitely belongs to the ranks of them most beautiful beaches in Greece. The exciting thing about this beach is that it is basically a long sandbar.

On the one hand the waves are strong and ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing, on the other hand the sea is shallow and gently sloping, so that you can sit comfortably in the water and have a chat.

And precisely because there are perfect conditions for surfing beginners and advanced surfers, there are also numerous surf schools on this beach that either teach you the basics or help you with equipment. There is always something going on on this beach, surfers and kiters show what they can do and just fly over the waves.

The headland measures at its widest point Prasonisi Beach just 250 meters, depending on the weather, the strip of land can sometimes be completely flooded. Either way, you shouldn't try to park as close to the beach as possible if you come with a rental car.

The additional costs for a tractor, which laboriously pulls you out of the sand, are really superfluous. Overall that is Prasonisi Beach now not the easiest to achieve. A rental car is really practical, and mobile homes are also allowed. The public buses also go to Prasonisi Beach, but you need a lot longer than if you just drive yourself.

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The most beautiful beaches in Greece

Are you curious? No matter which of the beautiful Greek islands you want to go to, there are really fantastic beaches on every island - the beaches above are just the crème de la crème. So enjoy your time in Greece, lay down on the beach and let your mind wander. Snorkeling, diving, picnicking - you design your perfect beach day in Greece and spend a relaxing holiday in Greece.

I wish you all a great time at one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece!

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