What is it to really love someone

Which “love” really means because it's not just a feeling

Love. What the fuck does love mean?

We try so hard to understand this feeling, to grab it between our fingertips and hold it in our hand. We want to define this feeling so desperately.

We need to bring love to a place from which we can easily take it again when we are ready for it. While falling in love with a person, we want to feel comfortable and safe.

But as time goes by, I've learned that love is indefinable.

As hard as we try, we can't really tell what it means to love someone. We can't know exactly what these words mean or how they feel.

When we think of "love" we think of butterflies in our stomach. We think of the first moments of meeting someone, the way our heart leaps out of the chest, or the weakness we feel in our knees.

When we think of “love” we think of kisses, we think of all the beautiful moments and our happiness.

But love is not just the feeling we experience at the beginning of a relationship.And maybe she doesn't represent that feeling at all ...

Are we in love right at the beginning of a relationship? Or are we just preoccupied with the attention we get from someone else?

Are we attracted to the partner's soul or body? Are we in love with his mind or the way he makes us feel?

Because love is not just a feeling, but an action, an expression of emotions and a decision. Love is a moment of faith in which we consciously choose to be with our partner no matter what.

For some reason we think love is beautiful and simple. We think when we meet the right person that they will fall head over heels in love with us.

When we realize who the right person for us is, then we think everything will be fine and the relationship will be perfect.

But true love is complicated. It's messy. True love represents decisions, actions, thoughts and emotions. It teaches us who our partner is and how to fit into the chaos of our life.

True love is the recognition of all imperfections in your relationship, but also the belief in the fact that you will have a beautiful partnership, regardless of any problems that might affect you.

Love is not just a feeling. It's not just the feeling when you hold hands or when your bodies connect.

Love is not about being with someone who makes you laugh or just smiles at you on dates. Love isn't kissing the lips of someone you've come to appreciate as someone even closer to you than your family.

This is not just a moment that you remember or a completely normal experience in your life. Love is not the person you are most comfortable with.

Love is the everyday attempt to keep the feeling that your relationship is going in the right direction and thus overcome all hurdles.

Love represents all quarrels and many changes.

Love is actually a challenge. It's getting to know a partner who pushes you to be bigger and stronger than you were before. It's about finding someone you are ready to fight for.

It's the discovery that your life was incredibly fulfilled before, but falling in love with your partner somehow made them even more complete.

Love is the idea of ​​hugging your partner as you grow old together. It's going to parties or weddings with your significant other.

It's a family, maybe even children, that you can have together. It is the thought that you will be together forever, although sometimes that is hard to believe.

But love not only brings beautiful experiences, but also some difficult moments. Namely, the clutter, the confusion, the fear, the failure, and the mistakes that the two of you will make.

Love is not just a feeling. It's a choice, a decision, an act, and a move. A movement towards your partner, despite the obstacles that stand in your way.

Although you will be told over and over again to give up or leave the relationship, you won't. Despite all the things that will try to tear you apart, you will stay together.

Love is the movement towards your partner, despite all the problems that will arise in your life.

Love means in this passing life you will always choose love, believe in love and give yourself completely to your partner, no matter what life brings with it.