Is 6ix9ine a good or bad rapper?

6ix9ine makes fun of King Von who was shot


6ix9ine didn't make too many friends after his release and subsequent mega comeback. While he was able to generate a big buzz with his first couple of singles after his release from prison and attract the attention of the whole world, the US rapper's numbers recently looked significantly worse.

The 24-year-old's new album fell well short of expectations and, according to many US colleagues, flopped. The reputation of the mega-star has also suffered significantly from his recent escapades on the Internet. He made himself unpopular mainly for his comments on the recently deceased rapper King von.

Just days after King Von was shot dead on the street in Atlanta, the rapper made fun of the fact that his best friend Lil Durk was rapping instead of taking revenge on his killers. Under another post dealing with the death of 26-year-old King Von and the grief of his family, Tekashi69 only placed a "Rofl" emoji.

The background to these macabre taunts is a beef between the rapper from Brooklyn and Lil Durk, which has been going on for a long time. Even this situation, in which a good friend of his Beef opponent died, 6ix9ine used to continue shooting at his rival.

King Of

Now, 6ix9ine's next comment regarding King Von has surfaced. Dj Akademiks reported on Instagram that Lil Durk's new album had sold 55,000 times in one week, even exceeding the sales of 6ix9ines album in the first week.

6ix9ine is salty and says that Durk took advantage of King Von's death to promote his release. At the very end he shoots the deceased rapper again in a tasteless way: "Used by name for sales. Is NOT blackballed has all industry support. 55k and his man was caught in 4K #KingVon REST IN PISS "

Here you can see the comment