Why am I afraid to be assertive?


A person who is confident will clearly communicate their desires and set boundaries, but will not make demands on other people and will not strike if requirements are not met. The ability to be assertive enables someone to overture other people and stand up for themselves or others in a non-aggressive manner. It can also protect them from bullies and other social predators.

From a cognitive standpoint, assertive people experience less anxious thoughts, even when under stress. From a behavioral standpoint, assertive people are firm without being rude. You respond to positive and negative emotions without becoming aggressive or resorting to passivity.

What are some of the dangers of not asserting yourself?

People who cannot assert themselves can experience sensitivity to criticism, extreme passivity, insecurity, fear, or even low self-esteem. They can be treated like emotional floor mats, whose needs always come second. In extreme cases, they can completely lose sight of what they need and want in life.

Why are some people not assertive?

People who cannot or do not want to assert themselves often believe deep down that they are worth less than others. You may doubt yourself and hesitate before taking action afraid of the consequences. They often avoid trying new things and let other people's desires determine their goals.