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In economic terms, however, this agreement should not overrated become.
Cu toate acestea, acordul nu ar trebui să fie supraestimate din point de vedere economic.
Therefore, the Commission takes the view that this part of the property is not overrated has been.
Prin urmare, Comisia a concluzionat că această parte a terenurilor nu a fost supraevaluată.
Source: Eurostat * In these regions, GDP / capita tends to be due to commuter flows overrated.
Sursă: euro stat in aceste regiuni, cifrele PIB-ului pe cap de locuitor au tendinţa de a fi supraestimate datorită fluxurilor de migration ale populaţiei.
The capacity utilization shouldn't overrated as it is known that the Community industry can also use the production facilities to manufacture other products.
În ceea ce priveşte utilizarea capacităţii, trebuie amintit faptul că acest indicator nu ar trebui să fie supraestimat deoarece industria comunitară a fost în măsură să producă old produse, pe acelaşi echipament.
In the Commission's view, DBB / Belfius' sales price was thus overrated and higher than a private investor would have accepted.
Prin urmare, Comisia consideră că prețul de vânzare a DBB / Belfius a fost supraestimat și mai mare decât prețul pe care l-ar fi acceptat un investitor privat.
One of the strands of thought that preoccupied me was that equality was so incredible overrated becomes.
Unul dintre filoanele de gândire în care m-am implicat a fost acela că asemănarea este incredibil de supraapreciată.
You would think that you will sacrifice yourself overrated.
Predator is okay, but I think the California Crusher will overrated.
Predatorul e ok, dar cred că California Crusher e exagerat.
Second, I said: the urban clan is overrated.
În al doilea rând, i-am spus Emmei că tribul urban este supraevaluat.
Is rationality overratedespecially if you are a Cubs fan.
All are overrated, except you.
This overrated Filter will change that.
Is ashamed overrated, just like Kesha.
I've always found security to be total overrated becomes.
Trips to Paris are anyway overrated.
In my experience, rethinking becomes extreme overrated.
Din experiența mea, regânditul situației e un gest vast exagerat.
Although, being rational becomes somehow overrated.
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