What are the best goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves: test & recommendations (05/21)

Goalkeeper gloves offer very good support when holding balls. The material is one of the most important factors.

It has to be robust and easy to grip. The upper hand consists of an adhesive foam made of latex, synthetic latex and other components. Mixtures of materials may vary depending on the model. You will often find mesh in the glove, which promotes air circulation.

Each type of mixture has its own characteristics. Soft gloves have a good grip, but wear out quickly. In order to find out the perfect glove and your own preferences, all you can do is try it out. In time you will know what to look for.

As a rule, the inner surfaces should be soft and cushioned, but hard enough that they are sturdy and won't wear out. The material must not restrict mobility and must serve as protection.

Pay close attention to the material when buying. Some materials are harmful to health. This is especially important when buying cheap goalkeeper gloves.

Goalkeeper gloves come in many different sizes. The following table only shows rough values. These can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Therefore, it is important to find out about the sizes from the manufacturer beforehand or to try out several sizes to make sure that the goalkeeper gloves fit.