Guards have sex with inmates

The prison is a microcosm, sealed off from the outside world, from the everyday life of others. Eight prisoners tell of their lives and life behind bars: insights into the machinery of an unknown system, into hierarchies and violence, sex and drugs, control and fear - and into the interior of eight people who were changed by captivity.

Trapped in a faint

"Welcome to the JVA" - what the prison shock of the first days and weeks means for prisoners.

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The secret power

The prison is a system with its own rules. There are gangs that dominate this world. And prisoners who seek protection and fight for reputation.

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Love under general suspicion

The inmates sit in jail - but friends and family are locked up too. Because the institutions are suspicious and inmates and their relatives are checked in the most intimate way.

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Black market

Prisons are shielded from the outside world with barbed wire, high walls and guards. But there are drugs and dealers, smuggling and trafficking in the forbidden just like outside.

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The murderer is always the victim

Assault and violence are part of everyday life in prisons. The right of the strongest applies - and some are right at the bottom of the hierarchy from the start.

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The imprisoned patient

Prisoners are sick more often than other people. Medical care has to be just as good as it is outside - actually. In reality it often looks different.

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Cold execution

There are drugs in all prisons, about a third of the prisoners are addicted. Asylum seekers have a duty to treat them appropriately - but drug addicts often suffer behind bars.

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Life sentence in the death house

It is not a punishment, it is the last resort: in preventive detention, offenders who are too dangerous to live outside are locked away. They do not know whether they will ever be released.

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The research on the project "Eight Prisoners" is a cooperation of Süddeutscher Zeitung, Bavarian radio and Corrective.

textAlexander Krützfeldt
ResearchEva Achinger, Alexander Krützfeldt
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