Can I get admission in VJTI?

Driven by learning

As a passionate reader, author and film fan, Rutuja shares insights into her path at Jaya Shree Textiles. Coming from a small town, she believes that gratitude is the catalyst for happiness and so she continues to shine in the ABG

Here Rutuja Mane is talking to Debangshu Chakraborty from Jaya Shree Textiles. Continue reading.

Debangshu (DC): Tell us how your journey into the textile industry began.

Rutuja (RM): Since I am interested in science, I wanted to work in engineering after graduating. I'm from Solapur, a city known for its home textiles and mills, so textiles were a matter of pride. When I did well in the placement test and secured admission to BTech, Textile Technology at VJTI Mumbai, one of the most renowned universities in Maharashtra, I was thrilled.

DC: Were you referred to Jaya Shree Textiles (JST) directly from campus?

RM: Yes, it was a campus exchange. But I have to admit, I hadn't heard of JST at the time. One was familiar with Raymond, Arvind and Reliance, etc. I was lured to JST by the ABG brand. There is no one who does not know the Aditya Birla Group. And for me the fact that I was part of such a big company was enough to give this interview.

DC: What was your first job?

RM: I was excited to start at JST. My first position was in the SQC department of the Linen Spinning Plant II. During our studies we had hardly learned anything about linen, as the curriculum mainly revolves around cotton, wool and man-made fibers. When I walked into the production facility, I was awestruck. I tried to learn as much as possible about the sources and properties of linen as well as its exclusivity in procedures and testing methods etc. The world of linen fascinated me without end.

DC: Was SQC your first choice?

RM: I never had any preferences. It was my goal to be independent and to learn everything that was available. At the time, I didn't have my career in mind, I wanted to learn the job and then decide what would suit me well. Today, when I look back, I am grateful for the way my career has developed.

DC: When did you first feel the need for a change?

RM: In the middle of the second year, I felt like I was stagnating. The work I was doing began to get monotonous and I lost enthusiasm for working in the ABG. Then I decided to pursue a full-time MBA by quitting my job. After making this decision, I went to the Human Resources department to look into the process of applying for an educational loan. Then I found out about the position of the technical assistant in the division management. I was asked if I would be interested in it. Today I'm glad I stayed.

DC: What happened after that?

RM: I interviewed the president and was selected. The job was intimidating at first, but I think I was able to adapt quickly. There was so much more to learn! Since then, I've been facing a mountain of important work for the company and learning from one of the best minds in the business. It's a very enriching experience. My skills have been expanded and I am glad that there are no defined working limits. I work with various cross-departmental teams, the possibilities are endless.

DC: Tell us a little about receiving the Emerging Professional Award from our President, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla.

RM: When I heard that I was shortlisted for the award, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was very happy because the superiors saw potential in me. The sheer possibility of receiving the award from our President put me on cloud nine. At the gala dinner, I talked to the President. Mr. Birla is so down to earth. He asked about the situation at JST after the strike, the quality of the tissue, etc. He was so interested in learning about JST even during this brief conversation. I met various impressive people; there were more than 70 candidates for the Emerging Professional Award alone. In terms of grandeur, this evening was in no way inferior to the IIFA Awards. I was so nervous. When my name was mentioned I was numb for a second. All the effort, all the work, the guidance from my superiors at JST and the support from my family made it possible. It was one of the most impressive days of my life.

However, I found that my expectations have increased many times over. I have a huge responsibility to justify the trust management has placed in me. I think you should never stop learning because there is always something to learn. With this in mind, I strive to reach my full potential and do my best.

Interview conducted by Debangshu Chakraborty from HR at Jaya Shree Textiles, Rishra.