But what do you not know

Translation of "weißt du" in English

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I couldn't go to anyone else you know.
Then you know yes, that I was your loyal secretary all along.
So you see, Antonio? I have been your loyal secretary ... as well as your faithful companion.
Crossed fingers don't count and that you know.
Crossed fingers don't count, and you know that.
At least you know now the truth.
The most you know not at all.
You don't know the half of it, schoolmaster.
But maybe you know anyway something.
So little you know via Shadowhunter.
Lake? That's how little you know about being a shadowhunter.
With things like that you know better informed than me.
Look, Carl, you don't need to ask me for any advice on stuff like this.
Maybe you know what about it, Your Excellency.
Perhaps you might know something about this, Your Excellency.
The you know. Advanced course English.
Now you know, Business travel is pretty important.
Well, you know, business trips are very important.
It was all divided you know.
It used to be all compartmentalized, you know.
When customers call you know Notification.
If my clients call, you have their information.
Apparently you know not what anonymous means.
The you know but not at all.
Microscopic, you knowbut extremely interesting.
It's microscopic, of course, but extremely interesting.
Obviously you know nothing about women.
Scars should heal you know.
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