Does circumcision affect gender?

What effects does circumcision have on sexual intercourse?

There are numerous reasons for circumcision, in addition to religious, cultural and medically necessary circumcisions, many men can also be circumcised for aesthetic reasons. Circumcision can also affect sexual intercourse.

Sex as a circumcised man

After circumcision, men can become sexually active again after two to four weeks, as soon as the wound has healed completely. But how is sexual intercourse with the circumcised penis?

Most recently circumcised men feel a little "unprotected" after a circumcision and find the sight of their penis to take some getting used to. After a short time, however, this feeling subsides.

Some men report greater "endurance" during sex and more intense orgasms. However, whether circumcision affects sex life is debatable.
After the foreskin is no longer used as "protection" for the glans, the sensitivity at the tip of the penis can change. It has not been clearly proven that this sensitivity, but also the excitability or ability to orgasm, changes in all men through circumcision. The fact that the climax can be delayed longer during sexual intercourse is therefore also different from man to man.

In any case, circumcision has no effect on erectile function or strength.

How does circumcision affect your partner?

When it comes to intercourse itself, most women don't really notice any difference. However, everyone has their own personal preferences. Some enjoy sex with a circumcised man, others enjoy being with an uncircumcised man. Still others may have no preference at all.

One reason why making a circumcised man prefer as a sexual partner is hygiene. An intact foreskin is more difficult to keep clean. It can also be more prone to infection. As a result, many women (or men) feel more comfortable having sex with a circumcised man because they feel that their risk of infection is lower. Without this worry in mind, sex can also be more pleasant.

On the other hand, some prefer sex with an uncircumcised man because the foreskin feels softer and there is less friction during penetration. If the foreskin is still there, the glans penis is significantly more sensitive, so that the man may not have to pierce as deeply or quickly in order to feel pleasure himself. Therefore, uncircumcised men often penetrate their sexual partners with gentler movements.

A circumcised man lacks nothing but the foreskin during intercourse. If men or women find the friction during penetration uncomfortable or painful, lubricant gel helps to solve the problem.