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3.0 out of 5 stars A childhood dream comes true ...
By SaschaM76 on July 30, 2018

with these great Star Wars battle drones. You can feel the attention to detail of the Propel company (in cooperation with Disney) right from the start and that already starts with unpacking. Light, music + original film dialogues and the entire presentation of this small, lightweight hand-painted drone - just great. A must have for every true Star Wars fan. The scope of delivery is lavish and everything is already included (including spare parts, second battery, charger, etc.) that you need. Great. In addition, there is a free app (both iOS and Android) from Propel, with which you can first simulate and practice flying using your own smartphone and the included Bluetooth 2.4GHz RC controller. You can also play live battles with other Star Wars drone owners and thus document live scores. A few words about the controller: it feels very valuable, nothing creaks at all, it can vibrate, plays various Star Wars melodies and quotes from Darth Vader, the Emperor, etc., which can be turned down or turned off or, since the controller has a 3.5mm headphone output, you can enjoy yourself at any time without disturbing your surroundings, it has a small hidden magnetic screwdriver in lightsaber optics on the side, with which you can open both the tiny screws of the controller's battery compartment can (behind this is a surprise that I won't spoil), as well as removing all the screws on the drone (all of which are the same screw size - great), for example to change the supplied spare side wings, etc. So there is a lot here too Love in detail.

The "Propel Battle Drone" app is not a must if parents are wondering, you can just play with the controller and the drone and, as I said, straight out of the great collector's box.

At just over 100g, the drone weighs very little and, as it is below 250g, does not fall under the currently applicable drone ordinance. So there is no need for a permit, an owner badge and no special insurance. The normal private liability, for any damage to third parties, is completely sufficient. It is considered a toy, but it does not do it justice in real life. The built-in technology, the quality and above all the achievable maximum speed in the adjustable mode 3 (there are 4 modes in total, one of which is the training mode) of over 50 km / h are very good.

This drone is therefore suitable for young and old, for absolute beginners who have never controlled a drone before, as well as for professionals. Everyone should get their money's worth.

Conclusion: I would buy the drone again at any time and I will, because there are 3 different models - this Tie Advanced x1 by Darth Vader, also an X-WING Fighter and, last but not least, the Speederbike.

+++++ UPDATE from August 6th, 2018 +++++
I ordered a second Tie Advanced x1 drone to give away. The delivery arrived quickly and securely packaged as usual. Unpacked: optically everything is good, everything is there, but the short function test unfortunately showed that the controller had a serious defect: the barometer function (which can be activated & deactivated via the small wheel next to the left joystick) does not work and the barometer does not switch itself off on request :( I then briefly contacted the LiveChat support of the manufacturer Propel (only possible in English), they confirmed the defect and that there was no troubleshooting - so there is only a direct complete exchange via Amazon. Well then , Something like that can always happen and I have arranged the return today. As soon as I have my money back, I will order a new one with the hope that everything will be okay this time. So (for the time being) my 5 star Rating, because this drone still gives me a lot of joy and fun and I can still recommend it to every Star Wars fan h take a close look at the next delivery and then report back on it.

PS: Amazon refunded me the money immediately after I sent the second drone. It couldn't be better. Have now started another attempt and ordered it again. Hope this is 100% ok now. I will then report how it turned out.

++++++ UPDATE 08/14. +++++

The new order also went back. The controller was defective again. The consultation with the manufacturer showed that it was a series defect. I can therefore only advise everyone to test all functions immediately after purchasing.

If everything works, the overall package gets full points, if not, because the controllers have a serial error and you can only use the drone and the app to a very limited extent, it is only awarded 1 star.

Therefore I give the mean value.
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