Why are some blacks anti-Semitic?

Questions of the day : Allegations against anti-Semitism officials and a black militia in the US - which was important

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What happened?

Test obligation for returnees from risk areas
Anyone who has been on vacation in the risk area should in future still have to take a corona test at the airport. Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) has now announced this in view of the increasing number of infections, you can read more about this here. However, the travel destination Spain, for example, does not yet count as a risk area - although the number of registered infections there is currently increasing significantly. Nevertheless, decisive action now has to be taken, comments Christian Tretbar. So that the second wave doesn't roll over us after all.

Two preliminary arrests in the case of the "NSU 2.0" threats
A Bavarian ex-police officer and his wife were temporarily arrested in connection with right-wing threats to left-wing politicians and other activists against the right. This was announced today by the public prosecutor in Frankfurt am Main.

Serious allegations against anti-Semitism officers
In an open letter to Angela Merkel, more than 60 scholars and cultural workers from Germany and Israel criticize the Federal Government's Commissioner for Anti-Semitism. In her opinion, Felix Klein prevents the necessary discourse and instead spreads "a mood of fear".

Black militia emerges in the US
The black vigilante group NFAC caused a sensation with their martial appearance. It has nothing to do with the "Black Lives Matter" movement, Christopher Stolz explains who is behind it - and with what aim.

Illegal party in the Neuköllner Hasenheide has consequences
At the weekend, thousands celebrated an illegal party in the Neuköllner Hasenheide. District Mayor Martin Hikel draws the conclusion from this: Even raves that are actually planned and officially permitted will now not take place in the district's green spaces.

What could I read from the plus area?

A woman reports rape - but nobody believes her: When Alicia Fuhrmann sleeps, Andy invades her. She says. She was awake and wanted it. He says. Alicia Fuhrmann is portrayed as an exibitionist liar. Her case shows why convictions are so rare, Katja Füchsel wrote it down.

The own people turn against Donald Trump: Almost a hundred days before the US election, some of the president's harshest critics are sitting in his own party. These Republicans are fighting for Joe Biden to be president, Juliane Schäuble has spoken to them.

The new country eggs: Why are more and more people moving from Berlin to Brandenburg? It's noise, stress, crowds - and the effects of the corona crisis that are driving them into the surrounding area. Corinna Cerruti on projects for urban refugees that are booming.

Are SUVs Really More Dangerous? It was only on Sunday that there was another terrible accident at Bahnhof Zoo in Berlin with an SUV whose driver was driving too fast and with alcohol in his blood. Would the accident with a smaller car have been less bad? Accident researcher Sigfried Brockmann says: It's not that simple.

What tips are there for Plus subscribers?

What to do if the deferred payments are due now: Because of the corona crisis, rents and rates could be suspended until June. But that was over since July 1st. Now there are different ways to settle the payments in addition to running costs. In this way, tenants and borrowers can avoid paying three months at a time.

If there are problems at work because of the home office: “He's probably sitting around on the couch. Or in the sun ... ”- Colleagues assume laziness, messages are misunderstood when someone works from home. Marie Rövekamp writes here why working from home can lead to conflicts - and how they can be resolved.

Fathers tips in the corona crisis: Is a role model really changing at the moment - also due to the home office? And how do men and women generally reach their children without issuing bans? The family advisor Mathias Voelchert knows the answers. Daniela Martens discussed with him how and why he relies on Jesper Juul's concept.

Where a long weekend is worth it: You will hardly believe it in Mannheim! The city on the Rhine and Neckar has yoga classes between sculptures, a night mayor and only sometimes smells of "oigeschloofene feet". Julia Prosinger has the best tips for your short vacation.

What can we do?

Bake cakes: Or, in this case, better roll cakes - because Susanne Leimstoll reveals the recipe for a delicious Swiss roll. In which - promised - the biscuit preparation is also very relaxed.

The uncensored consultation hour of Dr. Listen to Mandy Mangler: Esther Kogelboom and Julia Prosinger talk in the podcast "Gyncast" with the Berlin gynecologist about why the IUD wrongly has such a bad reputation - and who, if you please, prevents mature contraception for men.

We are happy about exciting news from Saxony: The economy in the east was down after the GDR. In the podcast "Are we united", among others, the author Constanze John and Zwickau's former mayor Rainer Eichhorn discuss how old and new companies in the region are slowly catching up with the west again.

What should I know for tomorrow?

The Robert Koch informs about the corona situation in Germany at 10 a.m. We will keep you up to date on the RKI briefing here in our Corona news blog.

Representatives of the USA and Russia will meet again in Vienna for talks on arms control. It is about saving the last major disarmament agreement between the nuclear powers. The talks are scheduled until Thursday.

Number of the day!

10 - Why did the rent brake actually fail in Berlin? Ten companies are driving up rents in the capital. Hendrik Lehmann, Ralf Schönball and Helena Wittlich viewed and analyzed the relevant data here.

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