What is the concept of political prisoners

Corona crisis: Amnesty calls for the release of all prisoners of conscience


Amnesty International supports around 150 prisoners of conscience. The exact number changes again and again due to releases, deaths or because some individuals represent an entire group - as in the case of Emir-Usein Kuku described above.

In addition to calling for the release of prisoners of conscience, Amnesty International is calling on governments to take measures to contain the virus - including reducing the number of detainees in prisons to curb overcrowding in detention facilities, and authorities should investigate the cases of prisoners on remand and children and consider the early, temporary or conditional release of particularly vulnerable people, such as the elderly or people with health problems.

The organization also requires governments to provide those remaining in prisons with health care that meets their individual needs as well as the standards available in the rest of society. The greatest possible protection against the spread of COVID-19 must be guaranteed.

Amnesty International has supported thousands of prisoners of conscience since the organization was founded in 1961 - people who are arbitrarily detained because of their beliefs or identity.