What are the problems of internet addiction

Internet addiction - information, help and advice

Symptoms of internet or online addiction:

The experts speak of real internet or online addiction with the following five symptoms:

Narrowing of the behavioral space: Over longer periods of time, most of the day is spent using the Internet (this also includes behavior-related activities such as optimization work on the PC)

Loss of control: the person has largely lost control of starting and stopping their Internet use. Attempts to reduce or interrupt use are unsuccessful or not made at all (although there is awareness of the personal or social problems they may cause)

Tolerance development: In the course of time, more and more time is being spent on internet-related activities, i.e. the "dose" is increased in the sense of criterion 1. (dynamic progression feature)

Withdrawal symptoms: If the Internet use is temporarily and longer interrupted, psychological impairments (nervousness, irritability, aggressiveness) and a desire to resume Internet activities occur.

Negative social and personal consequences: Because of the Internet activities, negative consequences arise, especially in the areas of "social relationships" (e.g. anger with friends) and "work and performance".

(after Martin Sutter, Elisabeth Heinz and Maya van Gils)

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