Which countries in Asia give the birthright?

Extravagant stews with a touch of Asia

Fish stew.

Duck stew with prunes and semolina gnocchi.

Mango and sauerkraut stew with vegetable munchies and pistou.

In numerous regions around the world there are special stew recipes and traditions that are still cherished and cultivated today. He is even mentioned in the book of books when the biblical Esau sold his birthright for a delicious stew to his twin brother Jacob.

Nevertheless, a stew always spreads the unique flair of special sociability. The new recipes with soy sauce offer refined suggestions for one-pot enjoyment. In this way you can surprise your guests with an unusual idea and bring them closer to an unusual and contemporary taste experience. Because in the style of our time, these stews also adapt to the requirements of a natural and balanced diet. The numerous fresh ingredients are prepared in a gentle and simple way, without taking up a lot of time.

Fast and fancy

A refined combination of rustic and noble components can be found in the two smart recipes "Duck stew with prunes and semolina gnocchi" and "Mango sauerkraut stew with vegetable dumplings and pistou (French pesto made from basil, garlic and olive oil)". But the “fish stew” is also an excellent variant of a well-tried classic. All three dishes can also be enjoyed as an excellent starter. Quickly prepared and yet unusual, soy sauce gives these selected delicacies a touch of extravagance.

Mango and sauerkraut stew

with vegetable dumplings

and Pistou

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people

1 ripe mango, peeled and diced, 400 g sauerkraut, 200 g diced potatoes, 500 g vegetable sausage (ready-made product), 1 onion, halved and cut into strips, 750 ml vegetable stock, 100 ml soy sauce, 1 tablespoon coconut fat.

Pistou ingredients: 3 cloves of garlic, salt, black pepper from the mill, 10 fresh basil leaves, 30 g of grated Parmesan, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.


Sweat the onions in coconut oil. Add the potatoes, sauerkraut and mango. Top up with the vegetable stock and soy sauce. Simmer gently for about 30 minutes.

For the pistou preparation, coarsely crush the peeled garlic with salt, freshly ground pepper and the basil leaves in a mortar. Add the parmesan, olive oil and soy sauce and work everything into a smooth paste. Serve the pistou separately from the stew so that everyone can season as needed. Prepare the vegetable pouches according to the instructions. Then mix in the mango sauerkraut. Serve the stew in deep plates.


As an alternative to the vegetable pouches, you can also use lightly fried potato noodles. Or you can prepare the mango sauerkraut as a side dish and serve it with smoked tofu. Pistou is prepared in a similar way to pesto, except that no pine nuts are used here.

fish stew

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people

200 g salmon fillet, 200 g monkfish fillet, 8 to 12 prawns, 4 small char fillets with skin, 500 ml fish stock from the glass, 100 ml soy sauce, 100 ml white wine, 80 g butter, 150 g each of leeks, celery and parsley root, cut into sticks , 100 g fresh shiitake mushrooms and 40 g ginger, cut into very fine strips, 1 tablespoon freshly chopped coriander, 2 egg yolks, 150 ml cream.


Braise the vegetables, mushrooms and ginger in butter and deglaze with the white wine. Simmer for 3 to 4 minutes, then pour in the fish stock and soy sauce, stir and cook the vegetables for another 3 to 4 minutes. Now add the fish fillets cut into small pieces to the pot. The fish is left to simmer over a low heat for 1 to 2 minutes, lift it out of the stock with the vegetables and keep both warm. Reduce the stock to the desired taste intensity. Whisk the egg yolks with the cream and add the liaison to the stock, stirring constantly, stop boiling and sprinkle with the coriander. Arrange the fish and vegetables in deep plates and pour the stock over them.


You can also use other fish or crustaceans for the stew. Make sure, however, that the fish are as firm as possible, otherwise they would crumble too much for you. If you can't get fresh shiitake mushrooms, just use dried mushrooms. Then 20 g is enough for the dish. Soak the mushrooms in lukewarm water and remove the stem later, as it is usually a bit hard and tough.

Duck stew

with prunes

and semolina gnocchi

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people

1 duck, approx. 2 kg, 1 bunch of soup greens, 1 teaspoon each of black pepper and allspice grains, 2 tablespoons of poultry stock powder, 200 g of pitted prunes, 200 ml of soy sauce, 150 g of each diced carrots, leek and celery, 1 tablespoon of freshly chopped coriander .

For the semolina gnocchi: 150 g boiled and squeezed potatoes, cooled, 50 g flour, 100 g durum wheat semolina, salt.


Place the prunes in the soy sauce the day before. For the semolina gnocchi, knead all ingredients into a smooth dough, shape into finger-thick rolls and cut into 1 cm thick slices. Bring to the boil briefly in boiling salted water and rinse in cold water. Wash the duck and put it in an appropriately large saucepan with approx. 3 liters of water. When it starts to boil, add the spices and soup greens and let the duck simmer for about an hour. Then take it out of the saucepan, strain the broth and use a sauce spoon to skim off excess fat, save a little fat. Skin the meat, remove it from the bones and dice. Lightly sweat the vegetables in 1 tablespoon of duck fat, add 1 liter of stock and the prune soy stock, cook until soft. Just before the end of cooking, add the duck, prunes and the semolina gnocchi, sprinkle with the coriander.


You can also prepare the stew with guinea fowl or corn-fed chicken. Put the poultry in cold water and slowly bring to the boil. Remove the rising foam with a skimmer, you will get a nice clear broth.