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2 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition Vol. 3
said one day Amin told her they were And I cannot say enough that it is women
Featured Stories going to have sex. Who are pushing this. I have been criticized for
The girl said he then sat on her and she saying that white women want to fuck these
could not escape. She added: He animals. But that has always been hyperbolic.
UK: Innocent and Oppressed Kurdish Refugee Of course, a good percentage of them do want
grabbed me to the side He was right
Went on Rape Spree Against Girls as Young as on top of me. to fuck these animals in the above story, all
of these girls went willingly with these men
12 The girl said after the alleged rape she to hotels and such and then cried rape. You
thought she was pregnant and was in can white knight and say oh well a 12-year-
Andrew Anglin
shock. She told police that afterwards, old girl cant give consent and okay, that is
Daily Stormer
Amin would call her. some kind of philosophical question, but she
September 10, 2017
Mr. West said Amin and another man went to the mans flat. And a 12-year-old girl
took the-then 15-year-old girl, and an- knows what sex is.
other girl, to the International Hotel
on Burton Road. But no, not all of the women supporting this
invasion want to literally fuck these monkeys.
The barrister said the girl was encouraged, however, they do want to live in a society
aged and pestered to take cocaine, after which has more men than women, because
which the cocktail of drugs caused her this increases their sexual value, increases the
So wait to blank out. amount of male attention they receive.
Is the argument that this is worth it, because Mr. West said: She can recall lying on
the Muslims bring so much enrichment to the bed and Amin then coming over and
culture? lying on top of her. Amin then had sex
Or is it the Nirvana Fallacy: that if a Kurd with her. The prosecution case is that
refugee from Iraq fleeing the brutal civil war was in such an intoxicated state that she
in Syria hadnt done this, a white British man did not know what she was doing.
would have?
Is it both arguments? Something people would do well to under-
Breitbart: stand is that this is not only tolerated by the
Islamic religion, but it is in fact encouraged
An Iraqi Kurdish shopkeeper is on
as a form of warfare and conquest.
trial in Derby on multiple sexual as-
The people doing this are strongly religious.
sault charges including child rape,
Islam is a system designed to allow brown
with one alleged victim being just 12
people to conquer other races. They have been
years old.
doing this for nearly 1500 years. However, the
The trial of Dilan Amin, 27, began 29 modern age is the first time in all of history
August where the court heard charges that a people invited another group in to con-
of 14 sex offenses including two rape quer them.
charges, two charges of rape of a child, think about that.
four of sexual assault, four of incit- It is deep and heavy: inviting people in
ing a child for prostitution, and one of to rape your women and murder you on the
supplying cocaine. streets, because not doing that would be some-
The offenses are alleged to have been how mean. Furthermore and this is really the
committed against seven females be primary point it is linked back to the Holo-
tween 2012 and 2017 including the caust: white people have to be conquered and
rape of a girl who was 12 years old exterminated by brown people because they
at the time, reports the Derby Telegassed six million Jews.
graph. After the pay our pensions thing fell
A girl who was 12 years old at the time through when it was found that at least two-
she met Amin, before Christmas 2012, thirds of immigrants were illiterate in their
alleged he raped her at his flat behind the own language, and then the brutal civil war
Shop. in Syria thing fell through, because it was re-
vealed that a maximum of 10% of these people
The court heard how Amin would al- are actually from Syria (and were already safe
ways be nice to her Telling her she in Turkey anyway), Merkel came out and said
could have things from the shop for free. we have to do this because of the Holocaust.
He told her if she was his girl, she would Seriously, that happened.
have anything she wanted. Her words were because of our unique his-
In a police interview shown in court, tory.
the alleged victim, now 17 years old, I dont know what Britains reasoning is.
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Vol. 3 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition 3
far below us. the whores introduce themselves to you one at
If men start looking at women as they look a time. The whole process feels like you are
at children emotionally and mentally fragile a boss evaluating candidates seeing you for a
beings who need to be both protected mainly job interview. Even still, for a brothel house
from their own behavior and disciplined, we to see such a significant drop in business is
are going to be able to fix this situation. evidence of all the whoring thats going on!
[Editors Note: A drop in male testos-
terone levels could also be a contributing fac-
Australia: Brothel Houses Losing Business Reporter. -AA]
For those of you who have claimed that I.
only point this out because I hate women, cause Young Women are Such Filthy Whores! If the average man from the 19th century
time traveled to the present day he would be
you are either purposefully, consciously ly- Lee Rogers very confused. Hed be like, wtf happened to
ing, or you are such a pathetic little baby that Daily Stormer the women? Why are most women prostitutes
you are incapable of confronting reality as on September 10, 2017 now? Why do so many of them have strange
adult. pirate markings on their bodies? And why
Yes, given the way you were raised to think are they so disgustingly fat? These are ques-
of women to believe that it is important that tations that he would seriously ask and all of this
they approve of you it is emotionally different - happened thanks to Jew promoted feminism.
cult to accept that they would purposefully Wonderful is it not?
flood your home with aliens for sexual rea-
But seriously though, there is anybody who
sons. But you are a grown man. And part of
can logically say that feminism and womens
being a grown man is being able to confront
liberation has been a good thing? It has only
emotionally difficult realities.
served to transform Western civilization into
And the fact of the matter is: It doesnt mat-
Damn son! The amount of whoring going a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Soci-
ter what women our women think, it doesnt
on in Kangaroo land is completely out of constant norms need to be re-established to shame
matter what their sexual desires are. What
trol! women who do not marry young and have
matters is that they are our property. They
Due to the fact that young women in their families in their 20s. They should not be pur-
belong to us. And they have no right to give
20s and 30s are some of the most filthy and suing careers, going to bars and riding cock
themselves away to foreign hoards.
disgusting whores in all of recorded history, carousels. They are engaged in the worst type
The Alt-Right is about reclaiming our of whoring because theyre whores but theyre
the once profitable business of a brothel house
birthright. dishonest about their whoring! This situation
is no longer profitable!
And the wombs of our females are the most New York Post: has made it nearly impossible for a man to
fundamental aspect of that birthright. build a family with any sort of long term sta-
Sex isnt selling at least not at one bility.
legal Aussie brothel, whose owner says
Women are Race Traitors Meme online dating apps and tighter regulations
Needless to say, this is not a good situation
for Western civilization!
The women are race traitors meme is a really are pinching her bottom line.
The only good that has come out of these are
shitty meme. Tinder and these sex dating sites have the lower prices you can get for services at
All that they are doing is carrying out a absolutely affected us, the owner, Australian brothel houses!
biological program. who asked to be called only Rebecca
They are not conscious of what is going on, told the Sunshine Coast Daily. The
they are simply driven, like animals, by base younger generation are so willy-nilly
urges. Calling them traitors prescribes to with their sexuality, they can look
them agency that they simply do not possess. at someone [on an app] and go Oh
Instead of getting angry at the women, we youre only a few kilometers away,
need to get angry at the Jews who are giving lets meet up and have sex.
them away to these alien races.
Her brothel Lush Marcoola in
nb4 oh but Anglin, you insult and attack
Queensland has seen a staggering
women all the time, and youre saying youre
40 percent drop in business last year,
not angry at them ???
she said.
The reason I insult them is that they de-
serve to be insulted, and because these insults Shit dawg! A 40 percent drop in business?
instill in men a lack of respect for the sup- Thats pure craziness! Thesis Australian fe-
posed agency of women. This is of extreme males sound like theyre doing some rabid Production Issues Plague Apples Upcoming
importance. Men need to look at women as whoring! $ 1,000 iPhone 8!
lower than them. Because they are lower than Look, I get that Australian brothel houses
them. And the only way we are going to be are a bit weird. The ones I've been to take Lee Rogers
able to deal successfully with these creatures you into a private room where some strange Daily Stormer
is if we put them in their place, which is far, porn video is played on a television set and September 10, 2017
Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km.onion BTC: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS
4 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition Vol. 3
throats. After all, is there a real tangible real-
son why someone would need to get an iPhone
8 if they already own an iPhone 7?

iPhone aside, is Apple even working on any-

thing that is remotely innovative or ground-
breaking? It sure as hell doesnt seem that
way. The company has been treading water
since the death of Steve Jobs.
It looks like there might be some problems
with the iPhone 8 launch! How terrible! lol
It is very possible that Apple's upcoming
$ 1,000 iPhone 8 will be a major turning point
for the company. The iPhone has been the
companys flagship product for many years,
but they are running out of things they can do
with it. The iPhone 8 doesnt appear to have
any notable advances over the iPhone 7 (or the
six, for that matter) to justify the suggested
retail price.
We are at the point where the entire smart leaked screenshot from upcoming series.
phone industry is reaching commodity status.
Star Trek was always packed to the brim
This means that Apple will not be able to come
with hardcore liberal drivel.
out with a new iPhone every 12 to 24 months
and get the public to line up outside their stores I know; I've seen the whole TNG series
to buy it. Due to their image, they had to hire an strictly for research purposes, of course.
Adding insult to injury, Apple is reportedly affirmative action CEO following Jobs death. In that show, the main protagonist (Cap-
having production issues with the iPhone 8. They simply refused to hire the most capable (tain Picard) is constantly putting all of hu-
Indian Express: individual, who would have been a heterosex- manity (as well as his crew) in terrible dan-
ual white male. Now they're paying the price. ger for nonsensical sentimental reasons. Hey
Apple's new iPhone 8 had hit pro- once declared that an alien monster which de-
duction glitches early in its manufac- Apple is also a big part of the Silicon Valley voured entire planets (killing billions of peo-
turing process and could lead to sup- social justice warrior mafia. They recently double) shouldnt be killed because it had just as
ply shortfalls and shipping delays fol- nated a bunch of cash to the Jewish terrorists much a right to be there as humans.
lowing its launch next week, the Wall at the Southern Poverty Law Center and were Wew.
Street Journal reported on Thursday. encouraging their iTunes customers to donate
That proud, unbroken tradition of wanton
The production glitches pushed the shekels to them. They need to be taken down
Libtardism is continuing with an explicitly
manufacturing process back by about a few notches.
anti-Trump new series.
a month, the Journal reported, citing
people familiar with the matter. Entertainment Weekly:
I would encourage anybody reading this to
According to MacRumors, which cites not buy the new iPhone 8. Apple needs to
from Wall Street Journal report, the rea- be taught a message especially considering Star Trek: Discovery will continue the
son for the delay is the new OLED screen. their public support for Jewish terrorists. Plus, venerated sci-fi tradition of using a
The Wall Street Journal report says, The $ 1,000 for a damn phone? Ridiculous! fantastic setting to tackle real-world
iPhone manufacturing process requires issues only in a bigger way than any
More steps and more layers of adhesive Trek series has done before.
and protective film than are involved in
Samsung's manufacturing process. Ap- The upcoming CBS All Access drama
ple is relying on Samsung for the OLED tells the serialized story of a war loading
displays given the South-Korea technology-tween the United Federation of Planets
ogy giant is the dominant player in this and the Klingon Empire. The show is
segment. set a decade before 1966s original se-
ries which premiered 51 years ago to-
This could be a big failure for Apple. The day during which the Federation and
production glitches, few notable innovations
New Anti-Trump Star Trek Series Klingons were in a Cold War standoff
and high price tag means there is a good that reflected yesteryears U.S.-Soviet re-
chance that the iPhone 8 launch could run into lations. In Discovery, breaks were out
serious problems. It is pretty obvious that Ap- Adrian Sol and the Klingons leading the charge
ple is going to have to rely on their marketing Daily Stormer have some ideological ideas inspired
machine to push this product down everyones September 10, 2017 by the 2016 electoral divide.
Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km.onion BTC: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS
Vol. 3 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition 5
A notorious opponent of same-sex
marriage is suing the state of Al-
abama to recognize his union with a
2011 MacBook.
Chris Sevier claims that he married
his computer in New Mexico a while
back. He filed a federal lawsuit in the
Northern District of Alabama on Aug.
We wuz captains and shieeet.
31 demanding that the state either rec-
Sounds like yet another show I can add to
ognize that alleged marriage to what he
Theres already some good material out my never watch this list. Who the hell wants
calls an object with female like fea-
there to watch a brown woman commanding a space-
tures or issue him a new license to wed
ship, fighting against space Trump supporters?
the computer, according to
The allegory is that we really started I bet even liberal cucks wont be able to sus-
working on the show in earnest pend their disbelief hard enough to actually
around the time the election was hap- enjoy this farcical non-sense. Laptop marriage is already legal in New
pening, showrunner Aaron Harberts Even the trailer is boring as hell. Mexico? Im not surprised.
says. The Klingons are going to Unless they can somehow coax women and
help us really look at certain sides of Negroes into watching Star Trek, this thing is
ourselves and our country. Isolation- probably going to be a major flop.
ism is a big theme. Racial purity is a
big theme. The Klingons are not the
enemy, but they do have a different This Guy Cant Marry His Laptop Because It
view on things. It raises big questions:
Should we let people in? Do we want to Would Undermine the Sanctity of Gay Marriage
change? Theres also the question of just Adrian Sol
because you reach your hand out to some- Daily Stormer
one, do they have to take it? Sometimes, September 10, 2017
they dont want to take it. It's been inter-
esting to see how the times have become
more of a mirror than we even thought
they were going to be.

So basically, the Klingons are going to be

alt-right Trump supporters.

This is America, and we have a sacred right

to marry our laptops. These homo haters need
to get with the times! Who else but robotic Mexicans would be so
Americas back is creaking under the forward-thinking?
weight of these quaint, tradition-minded ho-
Seems about right. mosexuals holding back social progress. Their Although he describes his sexual ori-
While the liberals will be the Starfleet minds are still imbued with old-school notions, entation as machinist in the suit, Se-
roes. such as that marriage is a sacred union be four goal here is not true bliss with
tween a man and another mans butthole. Its his laptop. What the suit is ultimately
time to move into the 21st century, bigots. seeking is the overturn of the Supreme
If a man wants to marry a laptop, or a dog, Courts decision to legalize same-sex
then how is that any different from having non-marriage nationwide. And Sevier has
stop anal intercourse? No children or family tried this strategy before.
can result from either. So its all the same the
only important thing is that it makes people The Alabama complaint states:
happy. Defendant [Blount County Probate
The notion that people marrying who they Judge Chris] Green issues marriage lii-
love would somehow delegitimize the insti- censes to individuals who self-identify as
tution of gay marriage is a paranoid delu- homosexual, but he refuses to issue mar-
sion these regressives have dreamed up out riage licenses to zoophiles, machinists,
Hmmmm of nowhere. and polygamists on a basis that can only
The main character is a mulatto woman. Huffington Post: be described as procedurally arbitrary.
Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km.onion BTC: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS
6 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition Vol. 3
I agree. the principled owners after they refused their deputy legal director at the American
If youre not going to associate marriage requests. Civil Liberties Union. But this letter
with starting a family, then limiting it to only This is straight-up homo-terrorism. was shocking, even for this adminis-
homosexuals is completely arbitrary. If mar- And yet, the same liberals and homos push- tration. What the Trump administra-
riage is just about feeling good and getting ing for this would be horrified at the thought of tion is advocating for is nothing short
government benefits, then why shouldnt peo- forcing anyone else to betray their principles of a constitutional right to discrimi-
ple be able to marry their turtle or desk lamp? to serve white people, of course. nate.
Youre discriminating against people on the fact the Trump is openly supporting
America already has a constitutional right
basis of their perversions. Christians against the forces of evil is quite
to discriminate. Its called freedom of associa-
the white pill.
tion, and its right there in the first amendment.
On the campaign trail last year, after a
tragic attack on an Orlando nightclub left
49 people dead, Donald Trump went out
of his way to thank the LGBT commu-
nity, vowing to protect them from vio-
lence and tweeting, I will fight for you.
Christians refusing to bake you a cake is
Love is love, bigots! not a form of violence, fagots.
No, but seriously, the fact that the fagots Years earlier, in an interview with a mag-
are now forced to protect the sanctity of the azine that reaches a large gay audience,
gay marriage institution against people mock- All of these civil rights laws forcing peo-
Trump told The Advocate that he sup-
ing them is pretty hilarious. ple to accept negroes and women into their
ported gay people serving in the military.
Whats less hilarious is that in 50 years, businesses and schools have clearly always
bronies will be defending the sanctity of horse- If he were in charge, Trump said in 2000, been unconstitutional [Note: It is bullshit le-
marriage against those who want to marry sexual orientation would be meaning- galise; private clubs are still allowed to dis-
their imaginary friends. less. Im looking for brains and experiment based on race or anything else -Ed.].
Ok so that's still hilarious. But you get my ence. If the best person for the job hap-
pens to be gay, I would certainly appoint To the Justice Department, how-
point. ever, the case known as Masterpiece
If we don't put an end to this madness, them.
Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights
theres no point at which its going to stop advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual Commission turns on its analysis of
by itself and remain at a tolerable level of and transgender people are pointing to the First Amendment, and the cake-
degeneracy. There's no bottom to this barrel. those remarks again this week, after makers rights prevail.
the Trump administration filed court
papers siding with a Colorado baker The government may not enact
Finally: Trump Takes a Stand Against Cock- who refused to make a cake for a same- content-based laws commanding a
sex wedding celebration because he speaker to engage in protected expres-
Sucking Cakes said it would violate his religious opinion: An artist cannot be forced to
ran. The Supreme Court is scheduled paint, a musician cannot be forced to
Adrian Sol
to hear the case this fall. play, and a poet cannot be forced to
Daily Stormer
write, acting Solicitor General Jeffrey
September 10, 2017
YES! Wall wrote in his court filing.
Serves these plague-bearers right.
I cant wait for the day the supreme court
rules against these filthy sodomites.
From that point on, anyone can just tell ho-
mos to get the hell out of their establishment.
Hopefully, they end up starving in the street,
sick and cakeless.

We need a law against these damn cakes!

The gay lobby is trying to make it illegal for GRIDS-zombies BTFO.
Christians (or anyone else) to refuse serving
these vile perverts in accordance with their The Justice Department has already
conscience. In the past few years, theyve made its hostility to the rights of
made it a sport to go to Christian businesses LGBT people and so many others
to make outrageous demands, and then suing crystal clear, said Louise Melling,
Publishing daily at: dstormer6em3i4km.onion BTC: 19m9yEChBSPuzCzEMmg1dNbPvdLdWA59rS
Vol. 3 Daily Stormer Sunday Edition 7
using the media attention surrounding this sit- Specifically, he was called a pedophile,
uation as a platform for self-promotion. something he is on the record calling other
Andrew Anglin vs. Vox Day (With Opening Re- On this show I had a debate with Greg people as well as explicitly instructing others
marks) Johnson, but that was in good faith and for to call people.
the purpose of understanding one another and I quote: if they call you a racist, just call
Andrew Anglin enlightening the people. them a pedophile.
Daily Stormer Vox Days attack on me is mean-spirited Needless to say, none of this is a level of
September 9, 2017 and he has not even pretended that it is in discourse which I am comfortable engaging
I debated Vox Day (YouTube Link). good faith. in with anyone. It is below me and it should
I think it was fun. Im not sure how much Immediately when he began attacking me, be below any self-respecting individual, what-
was proved, other than maybe some stuff he attempted to undermine my personal char- ever his political affiliation. Personal attacks,
about Vox personally and his agenda. acter, making up bizarre accusations against name-calling, slander, lies and orchestrated
But I dont think people should be too hard me. mob attacks have no place in honest politics
on him. He might be having some personal He went so far as to circulate a writers cal discourse, and it is extremely difficult for
troubles. guide which I had published on my own web- me to believe that anyone interested in actu-
I havent listened to it yet, but hopefully I site as if it was a secret internal document and ally getting to the truth would engage in these
came through clear. My connection dropped claimed that it exposed me as using ghostwriting types of dirty tactics.