Why are spices used in food

Spices in "What the list of ingredients reveals - and where it is silent"


In your article "What the list of ingredients reveals - and where it is silent", my attention stuck to the ingredient "spice mixtures" or "spices" in foods under the point "Ingredient classes: rather vague". My question: what can it all fall under? Does this only mean herbal ingredients or can it also include things like yeast extract, additional salt or something else?


The class names “spices” and “spice mixtures” actually mean parts of plants, not other ingredients.

Spices are described in the guiding principles of the German Food Book Commission:

Spices are parts of plants which, because of their content of natural ingredients, are intended as flavoring and / or odor-giving ingredients for food. Spices are flowers, fruits, buds, seeds, bark, roots, rhizomes, onions or parts thereof, mostly in dried form.

Spice mixes are mixtures that consist exclusively of spices.

Other seasoning ingredients, for example Spice preparations, on the other hand, can also contain other ingredients such as yeast extract and salt. However, these must be listed individually in the list of ingredients and must not hide behind the designation "spices" or "spice mixture".