Why are some clothes so expensive?

Are cheap clothes of poor quality? Or are brands just too expensive?

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Hey together
I just wanted to ask you for your opinion: Are cheap clothes also of poor quality at the same time? Or are expensive branded clothes possibly even qualitatively equivalent, but just given a corresponding name? I came across an online shop with cheap clothes via Google, where there is a 30-day right of withdrawal, but I'm not sure what the quality looks like. Have you ever ordered something like this?
Claudia D. from M.
In my experience, expensive branded clothes are sometimes poorly made. I was very annoyed about it and now only buy the cheap things. Some of them are better processed. You just have to look at it carefully, but with a 30-day right of withdrawal you can easily return it if you don't like it.
In principle no problem if you pay attention to the following:

1. Examine for blood stains. As you probably don't know, seamstresses in Bangladesh are often unfocused due to hunger and overwork. The occupational health and safety is not great either. Blood stains are hard to get out and spoil the fun of cheap clothes.

2. Wash well several times in a row. As you probably don't know, they often use chemicals that have been banned here for a long time. But you can wash them out.

3. Avoid documentaries about cheap production in Asia. As you probably don't know, the hottest cheap clothes are no longer fun when you see who pays the "cheap" in real terms.

If you keep this in mind, nothing can go wrong.
Unfortunately, it is not the case that we can influence the manufacturing conditions with our purchasing behavior, because high-priced goods are also manufactured in Asia. Qualitatv higher goods are characterized by the fact that higher quality materials are used and the processing z. B. the seams is more careful. Unfortunately, this has no influence on the working conditions of the seamstresses.

Link: https://www.bonsum.de/magazin/produktionslaender-wo-kom-unsere-bekleidung-her
Ni lantern
The price of a piece of clothing doesn’t say anything about the quality, normally.
So, of course, you shouldn't expect real Kashmir for a ridiculous price ...
I also like to shop cheaply, but rather classic ones that I can wear for a long time, also through Google.
You have to be careful with the sizes so that you don't fly in (but it happened to me only once)
Always pay attention to the reviews.
Always pay attention to what kind of material the garment is made of.
Mostly the things come from China / or similar.
It can also take a long time until something arrives,
also months ..
Don't be afraid, sometimes there are great pieces.
Read and write
Hello, I think quality may or may not have to do with price. My branded jeans in the 90s lasted as long as my cheap jeans, and since then I've been wearing a lot of NOName items.

Recently there was a documentary on the subject of working conditions. Unfortunately the workers in the manufacturing countries in the so-called third world hardly earn more from branded goods than from noname. That annoys me very much, I think respect is important.

The profit of the producers triples / quadruples / MULTIPLIES, the workers get 4 or 5 cents more - 17 cents instead of 13 cents. Ridiculous for a 100 euro pair of pants compared to a 15 euro pair of pants. And, no one knows which batch of which brand really pays the 2-5 cents (how ridiculous that sounds) more. I mostly buy used, so I'm largely out of there anyway.
Hey, so cheap is a matter of opinion. Cheap usually looks like that too. Just go into a Takko and the like and smell the air there, it'll make you sick. You can also get something like this in the cheap online shops.

Except for underwear, stockings and shoes, I buy almost everything in second hand shops. You can take a look at everything, and you can also get really great things (including designer clothes) at affordable prices.
And I prefer that to any rags that are unusable after washing twice (I've also tried it and dismissed it as nonsense).
Irrelevant, your answer, as your nick already reveals.

However, you are still welcome to answer 8-year-old questions, such as about stretch marks (so-called 'second-hand questions').

At best, this is acknowledged with a grin.