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Peter Taradash became a millionaire at a young age. But he wasn't happy - so he made a plan to deceive everyone. With an amazing outcome.

In his twenties, Peter Taradash had already achieved what many only dream of for a lifetime: he earned his first million. Intoxicated by his success, he allowed himself a luxury life in high spirits. But as more and more people became interested in his business and he came into focus, he got scared. After all, he was terrified that one day he would be kidnapped or killed.

Self-made millionaire fools everyone - for 50 years

So he made a radical decision: From then on he lived modestly and only bought what was absolutely necessary. Instead, he drove around in a used pickup truck, no longer wearing suits, just old clothes. He even pretended to his friends that he had lost all his money and that he now had to live in the poorest of circumstances. He pulled this life lie for 50 years - until Taradash was 70 years old.

Then he decides to finally treat himself to something. But instead of relying on expensive status symbols that have no emotional value, he wanted to buy something that was really important to him. That is why he turns to the question-and-answer platform Quora. His goal: to get hold of one of the coveted Quora sweaters. But these are only available to users if they receive a particularly large number of positive reviews for their contributions.

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At 70, he explains why he has lied all his life

There he tells his story and closes with the following words: "Things that you build yourself or get for free bring more joy than things you buy", he writes." Earning millions doesn't feel nearly as good as having children and helping them grow up, or finally finishing a book or traveling the world with a loving, young friend. who laughs at your stupid jokes. "However, it is also nice to always have enough money, concludes Taradash.

However, the question arises here as to whether this unusual story was not invented after all. Finally, if you search for Peter Taradash online or in social networks, you will find a person with this name and a photo of an older man. However, this person should not be Peter Taradash, but supposedly a certain Al Santilli.

This is said to have been a member of the SSA ("Soaring Society of America"), a US charity organization that initially consisted of gliding fans. The spicy thing about it: There is an obituary for Santilli from 2007 on the company's website! Therefore, the question is probably justified, who actually wrote the post on Quora ...

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