When will the JLPT result be announced?

JET program

Place of employment: Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture (from July 31, 2016)

Conditions of participation

  • Austrian Citizenship (People with dual Japanese citizenship are not admitted unless they revoke their Japanese citizenship) Application and Placement Preference Application
  • Mental and physical health
  • Willingness to adapt to living and working in Japan and to obey Japanese law
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language and very good knowledge of Japanese (JLPT N1 or N2 level)
  • University degree (at least B.A.) must be available when you take up the position
  • Group B driving license
  • Interest in participating and organizing international exchange activities, experience in this area is desirable
  • Interest in Japan and willingness to deepen your knowledge of Japan during your stay, strive to improve your knowledge of the Japanese language
  • Stay in Japan since 2006 for a maximum of 6 years
  • Participants in the JET program since 2013 are excluded from the application

Activities for CIR

  • Promotion of the exchange within the framework of the town twinning
  • Project assistance in international exchange activities of local schools
  • Support in deepening economic relations on an international level
  • Looking after foreign guests and providing information material
  • German lessons and presentation of Austrian culture during school visits and events
  • Participation in planning as well as active participation in international exchange activities of private associations or local organizations
  • Other tasks determined by the host institution


  • one-year service contract as OLD (extension up to 3 years possible)
  • Annual income approx. 3,360,000 yen in the 1st year, approx. 3,600,000 yen in the 2nd year and approx. 3,900,000 yen in the 3rd year (approx. 35 hours per week), monthly payment minus taxes and social security
  • Air ticket (Austria-Japan-Austria)


The application form is available to download or from the Japanese Cultural Center.
Contact: Ms. Mag.Dakura, Tel. (01) 533 85 86 or by email.

The following documents must be completely filled out in English, copied two times on one side in the specified order and submitted in three sets (1 "original set" and 2 "copy sets", please without staples!) To the Japanese Cultural Center in Vienna. The necessary translations into English can be made by the applicants themselves; the translation does not need to be certified.

1. Application form (in English)1 original2 copies
2.Own assessment of the state of health (in English, form!)1 original2 copies
3. 2 letters of recommendation (in English or Japanese)1 original each2 copies each
4.Collective certificate (with English translation)1 original2 copies
5. short essay explaining the motives for participating in the program
(in English or Japanese, maximum 2 A4 pages, via computer)
1 original 2 copies
6. Diploma certificate or adequate diploma (with English translation)1 certified copy2 copies
7. Document as proof of nationality (passport) 3 copies
8. Certificates from relevant language tests (e.g. TEFL / TESL / JLPT) 3 copies
9. CV in tabular form with scanned photo (in English)1 original2 copies

Application guide
Application form

Medical Self Report
Chart sheet

Selection mode

The first inspection of the application documents takes place immediately after receipt.

Selected applicants will be asked for an interview at the Japanese embassy at the beginning of April. The cost of traveling to and from the interview is borne by the applicant.

The results of the interview will be announced within two weeks. (The documents of all candidates will not be returned). The final confirmation of participation will come from Japan in the middle / end of May.

Selected candidates will be asked to provide an official medical examination report signed by a licensed practicing physician and their criminal record extract.

Application deadline: March 1st, 2016