What do poppies mean

Poppy symbolism

The poppy is a symbol of the Greek god of dreams Morpheus. If you've ever had the chance to see a poppy grow, there comes a moment just before it blooms when you can see a large bud on a thin stem.

The god Morpheus lived in his own world, in the world of dreams, fantasy and sometimes far removed from reality. He was sent into the world to live here and to rule over dreams and their reality; this task was in his genes. He was born in the night, his mother was Nix, the goddess of night and darkness. His father was Hypnos, the ruler of sleep.

The poppies are also associated with the Muladhara chakra, which can be better understood if we search for its meaning on the internet, as it has too broad a meaning to be described here. Poppies can also be seen in a variety of colors, but we usually find them in red, the color that corresponds to the aforementioned chakra.

In Chinese symbols, this flower represents calm, beauty and success. However, these associations are not the only ones, and the flower also relates to the joy and beauty of a pragmatic life.

In relation to the Christian religion, the poppy represents death as a time of rest during which one falls asleep forever. This metaphor makes sense when we realize that the red color of the petals of this flower symbolizes the blood of Christ crucified. When it comes to the themes of resurrection and immortality (the redemption of the soul), this flower never really dies, it just renews itself and rises.