Can we grow plants without soil

Growing herbs in water: our top 7

Boring herbs on the windowsill? Not with us! These seven varieties are real eye-catchers on the windowsill - they do not need any soil.

Fresh herbs are something beautiful - especially when they come straight from your own windowsill. But did you know that you can grow plants without soil? The whole thing is called hydroponics and is currently all the rage. What sounds complicated is actually quite simple: Some plant species can do without soil at all, because they simply take the nutrients they need from the water. The plants not only look particularly interesting, they are also easier to care for. So you just have to check the water level regularly and add liquid fertilizer from time to time or change the water. Here we show you which types of herbs are particularly suitable for growing in water.


7. Basil

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is probably one of the most popular culinary herbs in Germany. So why not put it in the limelight with hydroponics? To do this, take a healthy basil plant that has not yet flowered and take cuttings. So that the basil also forms good roots in the water, the cutting should be cut off just below a leaf knot. Now remove all but the top three or four of the leaves. In a water glass in a bright place, the basil now grows and thrives splendidly if you only change the water every few days.

6. Oregano

Whether with pizza, pasta or meat: oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a real all-rounder. So it cuts just as good a figure in the water as it does in the ground. Simply cut off a few young shoots and place them in the water. The right temperature and lots of sunlight are important for the oregano. A room temperature of around 20 ° C and a spot by a sunny window are ideal for the oregano to develop. Here, too, the water should be changed regularly.

5. Rosemary

The spicy rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is not only an ideal candidate for the kitchen, but also gets along well in water. To do this, cut cuttings about 10 to 15 cm in length and remove the lower needles. The rosemary can now be absorbed in the glass. But don't worry if it takes a while for the first roots to show up: the woody cuttings of rosemary are among the cozier colleagues. In a sunny place and with regular water changes, rosemary also grows without soil and ends.

4. Mint

Mint (Mentha) is not only delicious, it also smells fresh and delicious. So is there a more ideal houseplant? They can also be easily grown in water. Separate a few shoots and remove the lower leaves from the cuttings. Now all the mint needs is water and sunlight. The warmer it is in their surroundings, the faster the first small roots grow: under ideal conditions, it can only take a few days before you can see the first successes.

3. Lemon balm

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) in the house is always a good idea: Not only does the plant smell wonderfully fresh and it is perfect as a spice for many dishes. The aromatic smell is also a real mosquito repellent. In order to be able to grow lemon balm in water, it is best to choose healthy, green stems. Again, you should remove the lower leaves and then place the plant in the water. Lemon balm is particularly sensitive when it comes to stale water: Changing it regularly is therefore a must for healthy lemon balm.

2. Stevia

Stevia is known (Stevia rebaudiana) mainly as a sugar substitute and not as a plant. Stevia is a perfect choice for adding natural sweetness to a dish. For successful rearing in water, the shoots of the plant should be quite young before they find their way into the glass as cuttings. Stevia particularly likes bright and warm rooms, which is why a place in front of a sunny window is ideal. This is where the plant can thrive and bear its sweet harvest.

1. Sage

Sage (Salvia) well known. But did you know that you can grow the green leaves without soil? It is best to cut off the young sage shoots in spring and remove the lower leaves. Now the plant only needs fresh water regularly (otherwise mold can develop quickly) and a light spot. Soon you will not only have an eye-catcher in the kitchen, but also always have a fresh supply of sage leaves.

Of course, all these herbs are also happy to have a place in the bed or flower pot. Especially if larger quantities are to be harvested, cultivation in water is not perfect.

With our Plantura herb growing set, growing herbs is also child's play. The set contains everything you need for successful cultivation - seeds, growing pots and substrates, as well as practical plant signs and a mini greenhouse. So you can look forward to a rich herbal harvest soon.

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